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Marble lamp post column
Marble lamp post column
Marble lamp post column
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Marble pillar and lamp post

Stunning entrance hall marble columns and garden statuary light pole

Newhomestone presents all kinds of marble pilasters with all architectural capital options for indoor and outdoor use. Such as Tuscan capital marble pillar, Doric capital marble pedestal, Ionic marble columns and the most luxury type corinthian capital natural stone column!

All of our marble pilasters are hand-carved and customized. We could also custom half round column for wall decoration. For indoor project, our marble columns could be an perfect architectural elements which help to support extra weight and ceiling. You could even design to use our marble pilasters instead of additional solid wall. If you choose to use marble columns to decorate the entrance, you would find marble pilasters are perfect element to display a royal and luxury look. We have many real marble columns project. Contact us for your project!

From design to produce

New home stone is a team of professional sculptors and designers who are passionate about stone carving. We produce and design marble fountain, Roman Greek style marble pilasters for garden and marble columns for entrance hall. We have help to design and produce hundreds of project for customers all over the map

If you have a project in mind, email us about your design and thought, we would love to help! You could even email us one year ahead of your project start.

Best Marble Pillars and Columns to Adorn Your Space in Elegant Style

Columns or pillars are an essential building structure that hold the edifice above them and distribute the weight down to the foundation. They are considered the spine of a building. However, these load-bearing structures are so much more than a mere architectural element. They are not only functional but serve an aesthetic purpose as well. While there is an abundance of pillar and column materials and designs that you can proudly make a part of your home, the appeal and elegance of marble pillars and marble columns is certainly undeniable and unmatched.

These breathtaking natural stone features are strong, durable and incredibly beautiful. You can have your architect hide these columns in and around the walls, but putting them in the middle of your house to take the center stage of the home’s design can do wonders for the layout and aesthetic appeal. Here are some of the most stunning marble pillars and marble columns for you to include in your home.

marble columns
Red Marble Column Set

Hand carved from natural red marble blocks, this marble column set features a Doric design with a plain, unembellished column capital carved from black marble and a smooth pillar resting on a square base of the same black stone. The striking color combination of red and black makes it a perfect addition to any modern home, this brilliant feature can be installed indoors and outdoors as well. The red marble pillar has bold black and white veining. The design has been inspired by Greek architecture which is known for its Doric pillar designs. You can have this pair of shiny pillars made to order in any size, shape, color, or material to better suit your available space and current layout. You can have them sized to support the weight of the building or as pedestals to exhibit statues and artworks around the house

Aside from sleek and shiny marble, sandstone is another natural stone material that can elevate your design quotient in a minute. Made using the Ionic order – one of the three orders of ancient Greek architecture - this sandstone column is a classic design to include into your outdoor space. This marble pillar has a base, a shaft and the top volute, where you can keep mementos, sculptures, artworks and planters. It can be used for structural support and decorative purposes. It has delicate carvings and acanthus leaf patterns etched on the sides. Hand carved from natural sandstone blocks, this pillar with grainy texture can be customized in any shape or size as well. It will look amazing in a rustic, farmhouse style home. You can place it inside the house or out in the garden or backyard, regardless it will look absolutely brilliant.

Garden Sandstone Column
White Marble Caryatid Columns

A caryatid is a sculpted female figure used as an architectural support instead of a typical column structure with an entablature on her head. The word caryatid originated from the Greek term Caryatides, which means maidens of Karyai. Well the name certainly fits and looks breathtaking. Take a look at this pair of Caryatid marble columns that have been hand carved from natural white marble blocks. Each of these pillars has a sculpted female figure on them with a baby angel wrapped around their shoulders. The head of each statue gives rise to a Corinthian top with acanthus leaf engravings on it. The bottom half of the pillar is adorned with delicate carvings that follow suit to the base. It is skilfully carved and can be used both indoors and outdoors for a marvelous design makeover.

White marble has a unique beauty that can make your home feel regal with luxurious architectural elements. If you are looking for such a vibe to introduce into your home, look at this breathtaking white marble pillar set. These are decorative entrance hall columns that will make your home a coveted property. With Corinthian capitals, these marble columns will bring a forgotten charm and elegance to your home’s entryway with an individual character. The Italian-style pillars have stunning whorls engraved all over to lend them an earthy touch. They can be made in any size or shape to fit your home’s design specifications. You can even choose material between marble and granite. Regardless, these beautiful natural stone pillars will last for decades and adorn your home.

White Marble Pillars

Corinthian pillars are an elegant architectural feature to be included in any space, be it your living room, foyer, garden or the entrance. Take a gander at this Corinthian garden column that has been hand carved from natural ancient Greek marble to give it a rustic look. This marble pillar is an exceptional work of art that will introduce Grecian beauty to your humble abode. It features meticulous carvings that make it a decorative piece as well. The pillar capital is adorned with scroll leaf and has a Corinthian pedestal and base. It has a simple yet beautiful design that can elevate the style quotient of your space, be it garden or the living room. It is a perfect addition to any modern and contemporary home. This marble column can be made to order in any size or shape to better suit your design requirements.

Let’s just all agree that marble is the supreme material when it comes to using natural stones in building structures. The material is beautiful, strong, and durable and needs very little maintenance. This set of marble Corinthian columns will instantly turn your humble dwelling into a castle. These white marble columns have beige marble rose carvings ascending in a spiral to the Corinthian capital on the top. Both the base and the top of these pillars are engraved with blossoming roses that make them absolutely delightful to look at. The ornate capitals with leaves, flowers and scroll add to the beauty of the slender pillars. These pillars will look wonderful in a modern or contemporary home. You can also include them in a gazebo structure, a hotel lobby or in your garden. Moreover, they can be customized in any shape or size should you choose to.

Marble Column with Spiral Carvings
Cylindrical Marble Pillars

This set of huge marble columns has been meticulously hand carved from natural Egyptian beige marble blocks. Every inch of these pillars is adorned with a blend of simple and intricate details from top to the bottom. The Corinthian capital makes it a beautiful feature that can be installed in a hotel lobby, a home’s entrance or in the garden. The bottom of the shaft has detailed floral carvings in a spiral design, while the base is a huge square marble block that is engraved with patterns of foliage. Simply put, it will be a great inclusion to any contemporary or modern home or garden. Moreover, you can have it made to order in any design, shape, size or color to make it a better fit for your available space, existing design layout and budget.

Well, you can use marble columns as architectural elements and for structural support, but they work brilliantly as decorative elements in a home. Take these beautifully sculpted natural stone pillars for instance. The sleek, shiny marble pillars have been skilfully carved from natural white marble blocks. The base has been carved in Corinthian style engravings while the capital is smooth and simple. It features a slim shaft that can be a beautiful addition to a veranda or patio. These pillars can also be made a part of your living room, garden or the entrance for a dramatic effect. Crafted in Ionic design of the Greek architecture, these pillars can be made in order to fit any customizations you may have. These will look great in a modern or contemporary interior.

White Marble Column
Marble Base Column

This black and red marble pillar is a beautiful example of the Doric order of the great Greek architecture. It is a stone pillar with plain capital and a shaft that rests directly on the ground without a base. The red shaft and black capital create a beautiful striking contrast that can be an aesthetic addition to any bold colored interior. You can incorporate this beautiful design in the living room, around the fireplace, on the entrance or practically anywhere. What makes this simple design interesting is the rough texture on both marble materials. The rough swirly design has a captivating quality and will go smoothly with rustic style homes. The rectangular marble pillar has slightly softened edges.

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