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Marble Column and Marble Lamp post

Marble columns indoor and outdoor garden use, Marble light post projects display

stone columns White Stone Column
stone columns Marble Corinthian Column Capital
stone columns Stone Base Column
stone columns Red Marble Column Base Set
stone columns Sandstone Column
stone columns Stone Column Base
stone columns Brown Marble Pedestal
stone columns Brown Marble Column Base
stone columns Stone Columns with Corinthian Capital
stone columns White marble caryatids columns
lamp post Marble lamp post column
lamp posts Marble lamp post column
Marble lamp post column
Marble lamp post column
Marble lamp post column
Marble Corinthian column
Entrance hall marble pillars
Marble carved spiral column
Green marble pedestal
Beige color marble pillar
Cylindrical marble pillar with corinthian capital
Marble light pole
Marble caryatid column
Marble female sculpture lamp post

Marble pillar and lamp post

Stunning entrance hall marble columns and garden statuary light pole

Newhomestone presents all kinds of marble pilasters with all architectural capital options for indoor and outdoor use. Such as Tuscan capital marble pillar, Doric capital marble pedestal, Ionic marble columns and the most luxury type corinthian capital natural stone column!

All of our marble pilasters are hand-carved and customized. We could also custom half round column for wall decoration. For indoor project, our marble columns could be an perfect architectural elements which help to support extra weight and ceiling. You could even design to use our marble pilasters instead of additional solid wall. If you choose to use marble columns to decorate the entrance, you would find marble pilasters are perfect element to display a royal and luxury look. We have many real marble columns project. Contact us for your project!

From design to produce

New home stone is a team of professional sculptors and designers who are passionate about stone carving. We produce and design marble fountain, Roman Greek style marble pilasters for garden and marble columns for entrance hall. We have help to design and produce hundreds of project for customers all over the map

If you have a project in mind, email us about your design and thought, we would love to help! You could even email us one year ahead of your project start.