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Custom garden marble statue

From antique marble greek statues to modern garden marble statue!

marble statue The Venus de Milo Marble statue
marble statue Guardian angel garden statue
marble statue Guardian Angel Statue Set and Dolphin Sculpture
marble statue Marble statue of Julius Augustus
marble statue Marble statue of a saintly figure addressing his pupils
marble statue Marble statue of Santa Rita?
marble statue Marble statue of Dionysus
marble statue Marble statue of Venus
marble statue Marble statue of a pair of relaxing friends
marble statue Marble statue of a nude man sitting on a stone seat
marble statue Marble statue of Hannibal
marble statue Marble Replica of Pietà
marble statue Marble statue for garden entrance
marble statue Large marble sculpture of Jesus
marble statue Marble staute of Virgin Mary
marble statue Marble statue of Triton, son of Poseidon
marble statue Lifesize terracotta warrior marble statue
marble statue Marble statue of Saint Charbel
marble statue Marble statue of Budda
marble statue Marble statue of Budda
marble statue Classic marble statue
marble statue Marble statue of Rita of Cascia
marble statue Marble statue of St. Sebastian
marble statue Ancient greek marble statue
marble statue White marble statue of Virgin Mary
marble statue Marble statue of Budda
marble statue Marble statue of The Kiss by Auguste Rodin
marble statue Marble statue of psyche
marble statue Marble statue of sleeping lady
marble statue Marble statue of lady in gauze skirt
marble statue Marble statue of Venus de Milo
marble statue Marble statue of winged goddess
marble statue Marble statue of flying angel
marble statue Marble statue of winged angel
marble statue Marble statue of winged Victory of Samothrace
marble statue Marble statue of Shiva
marble statue Marble statue bird bath
marble statue Dancing Four Seasons Goddess Marble Statues
marble statue Garden marble statuary of Greek Warriors
marble statue Marble statue of Leonidas Sparta
marble statue Hercules slay Nemean Lion outdoor sculptures
marble statue Marble statue of Psyche-The Georgeous Maiden statue
marble statue Marble statue of Hercules fighting Serprent
marble statue Yemeya standing on ocean wave marble statue
marble statue Religious statues for sale
marble statue Lawn garden marble statue of peasant girl

Choose the best garden marble statue

Where to buy garden marble statue?

If you are thinking about adding a georgeous natural stone sculpture such as marble statue to your garden in order to boost the serenity and house value, Newhomestone Ltd. is your best choice. We have the top sculptors and we provide full services from choosing the right natural stone block to shipping the reinforced steel framed crate of the elegent marble sculpture directly to your home address! From choosing the best marble color for your statue to providing suggestions on how to install, we would be all star service team 24/7 for you! We are passionate about our stone art, we are proud of our sculptors, our experiences, and our service team!

Apart from these Greek mythology life size marble statues for garden, we also hand carve modern natural stone sculpture, we have carved a two meters high batman marble statue, superman statue, a life-sized natural stone ironman statue, or any breathtaking abstruct stone art sculpture! Contact us for our modern garden stone sculpture catalogue!

Best Marble Statues to Invest in to Raise Your Home’s Style Quotient

Marble statues to elevate your home's status

Marble is a material of luxury, style, and royalty. When incorporated in your home, it becomes a status symbol as well. Installing marble statues is probably the best way to include this breathtaking natural stone in your life. Marble sculpture offers strength, beauty, durability, and versatility. Carved marble can lend your space a sense of grandeur, which will become a coveted style in your neighborhood.

If you are also looking to jazz up your residence, we advise that you check out these amazing marble sculptures for sale inside and outside your home to raise its style quotient. Remember that the space outside your home is as essential as the interior and must have the best stuff in it, hence marble statuary is the best for both worlds. You can even invest in life-size marble statues instead of using traditional marble garden statues to elevate your outdoor layout. These handful marble statues for sale are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage and will enhance the décor with brilliant.

Guardian Angel Garden Sculpture

Having a guardian angel in your garden can offer a sense of security and heavenly calm that other statues may not provide. This white marble statue is of a beautiful guardian angel that is poised on a matching marble pedestal with a flame held overhead as if to show you the right path when times are hard. This large marble statue will go beautifully in your garden as a lone addition or blend seamlessly in an already existing statuary. Hand-crafted with expert precision by skilled artisans, this beautiful statue has been carved from white marble with detailed wings. The marble carvings will create a place of calm, serenity and quiet in your outdoors, tempting you to spend more time in the garden. It can be customized in any shape or size to better fit your available space and budget.

Pair of White Marble female Sculptures

This pair of white marble sculptures is the best way to adorn your garden entrance or area around the fountain. Featuring two exquisitely carved female figures, these marble statues will enhance the beauty of your garden while elevating the style quotient simultaneously. Both female statues resemble each other in every aspect, as if created in a mirror image. Handcrafted from natural white marble blocks, these marble statues are holding pots that are pouring water. The bodies are half naked and have only a piece of cloth concealing the bottom of their bodies. Standing atop matching pedestals, the statues will bring a carefree sensual vibe to your backyard, coaxing you to spend more time in nature. You can also get this beautiful set of marble sculptures made to order in any size, shape, color or material according to the need of your space.

White Marble Statue of Buddha

The Buddha has been one of the greatest religious teachers in the world. The mere mention of him fills the mind and heart with peace and tranquility. So why not make that feeling permanent by installing this white marble statue of Buddha in your home? Hand-carved from natural white marble blocks, this life-size marble statue evokes the sense of stillness and quiet to any room you place it in. Given that marble is a sturdy, durable and beautiful natural stone, you can install this statue both indoors and outdoors without having to worry about damage from natural elements. The Buddha statue wears a peaceful expression as a drapery covers the statue’s figure. You can also get this customized to better suit your requirements.

Virgin Mary Marble Statue

Beautiful white Carrara marble from Italy has been carved to give rise to this stunning and holy sculpture of Virgin Mary. The marble statue has hair tied behind the head, a hood covering most of it, both secured in place by a detailed crown. The sculptor has captured the innocent beauty of its muse with powerful emotions behind the placid face. Taking inspiration from the classic spiritual works of art, this statue brings out the character of Mary and makes her a wonderful addition to any religious space. It can also be made to order in any color, shape, size or material to accommodate available space and budget.

Goddess Standing on a Wave

Given your religious beliefs, you can say that this statue is of Calypso or Yemeya, both are ocean goddesses. Regardless, this white marble statue of a goddess standing on a sea wave is a gorgeous sight to behold. Handcrafted from natural white stone, this marble sculpture is suitable for both outdoors and indoors. The goddess has wavy hair and deep-set eyes, which will instantly invite a sense of royalty, power, bravery and beauty in your space. You can use this statue in your existing statute or begin anew. Moreover, it can be custom made in any size, shape or color to better fit your available space and budget. It will look amazing in a modern or contemporary home or garden.

Sleeping Beauty Marble Statue

No, we are not talking about the Disney princess, but of this breathtaking marble statue of a sleeping lady on what appears to be a hammock hanging from two plinths of marble. The female figure is naked, save for a handful of fabric concealing her nether region. The adept craftsmanship is evident from the astonishing real-life effect of the fabric and anatomical features of the sleeping lady. It is a perfect fit for a modern home or a mansion. The lady is resting on the hammock with sheets loosely dangling from the side and one arm flung over it. This statue combines aesthetic realism and supernatural beauty seamlessly. You can have it customized as well.

Marble Statue of Dionysus

This beautiful marble statue of Dionysus is a perfect garden addition for wine lovers. The Greek god of grape-harvest, winemaking, orchards and fruit, vegetation, fertility, revelry, religious ecstasy and festivity is an imposing personality to liven up your backyard. In this life-size marble statue, Dionysus stands on a marble pedestal with a wine glass in one hand, while the other hand is gripping the fabric around his body. There are grapes at the god’s feet as a tribute. The carefully chiseled figure has captured the essence of a beautiful and strong man, making it a breathtaking sight to behold. You can have this customized in any size or shape by a master sculptor and make your garden the envy of the neighborhood.

Large Marble Statue of Jesus

Hand-carved by the most skilled craftsmen, this large marble statue of Jesus with arms outstretched is a welcoming sight in any outdoor space. This garden marble statue is poised on a round plinth with bare feet and has the calm, compassionate and modest expressions on the face that Jesus was well-known for. The loosely flowing robes of the figure are carved with excellent precision and make the statue seem life-like. The beige marble has bold gray veining all over it, making it alluring. It is a perfect addition to a modern or contemporary home, or for a church. You can have this statue custom made in any size to better suit your requirements

Marble Sculpture of Greek God Triton

The son of mighty Poseidon and Amphitrite, Greek god and goddess of the sea, respectively, Triton is a destined ruler of the sea like his father. The Greek god is merfolk and has the upper body of a man and the legs of a fish. Carved from white natural marble, this marble statue of Triton features his flexing body with swirling waves and currents. The marble sculpture of the Prince of the Sea has playful expressions along with a wavy beard, carved crown and seashell jewelry. It is a beautiful piece of art that can be displayed in tandem with water features in your garden or even indoors. The white marble is strong, durable and beautiful, meaning you can display this statue both indoors and outdoors without worrying about the damage from natural elements. Moreover, you can get it in any shape or size according to your space and budget requirements.

Marble Statue of Abduction of Psyche

This marble statue is a classic representation of William-Adolphe Bouguereau’s 1895 painting called the Abduction of Psyche. Carved from white marble, the sculpture features Cupid holding Psyche as he carried her to the Other world to make her his wife. Psyche has beautiful butterfly wings and her face bears an expression of gratification and joy, while Cupid’s face shows his devoted love for Psyche. The marble sculptures have open wings with amazing details, bare pieces of fabric covering the genitals of both figures. There are roses strewn from head to toe. This natural stone garden statue will be a tribute to love. You can also place this stunning artwork inside your home. It will make a wonderful addition to any modern or contemporary home or garden.

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