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Dancing Four Seasons Goddess Marble Statues
Garden marble statuary of Greek Warriors
Marble statue of Leonidas Sparta
Hercules slay Nemean Lion outdoor sculptures
Marble statue of Psyche-The Georgeous Maiden statue
Marble statue of Hercules fighting Serprent
Yemeya standing on ocean wave marble statue
Religious statues for sale
Lawn garden marble statue of peasant girl

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Where to buy garden marble statue?

If you are thinking about adding a georgeous natural stone sculpture such as marble statue to your garden in order to boost the serenity and house value, Newhomestone Ltd. is your best choice. We have the top sculptors and we provide full services from choosing the right natural stone block to shipping the reinforced steel framed crate of the elegent marble sculpture directly to your home address! From choosing the best marble color for your statue to providing suggestions on how to install, we would be all star service team 24/7 for you! We are passionate about our stone art, we are proud of our sculptors, our experiences, and our service team!

Apart from these Greek mythology life size marble statues for garden, we also hand carve modern natural stone sculpture, we have carved a two meters high batman marble statue, superman statue, a life-sized natural stone ironman statue, or any breathtaking abstruct stone art sculpture! Contact us for our modern garden stone sculpture catalogue!