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Marble bust

Roman marble bust, Plato bust, Aristotle bust and Veiled lady bust customization

Modern Stone Bust Natural stone maya king bust
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Marble Bust Marble Bust of David
Marble Bust Marble bust of Epicurus
Marble Bust Marble Bust of William Shakespeare
Marble Bust Marble bust of Julius Caesar
Marble Bust Greek Marble Gemstone bust Plato
Marble Bust Black Marble Statue Bust
Marble Bust Marble portrait bust of Aristotle
Marble Bust Marble bust of the veiled lady
Marble Bust Marble Bust of Augustus

Custom Marble bust

Custom size and material for marble bust

New Home Stone provide top-notch quality natural marble bust, from life-size Roman marble bust such as bust of Augustus, bust of Aristotle, Bust of Plato, Julius Caesar etc. to modern large marble bust of Batman, Spiderman or marble bust of Ironman.

Easy to order process: Email us the questions and information of your interested marble bust, for example: the photo of the bust you want to customize, the size of the sculpture, or the pedestal height you need, and we will quickly quote and confirm with you the delivery info as well as the producing(hand-carved from natural stone block) time.

Best Modern Marble Busts to Make Your Home as Breathtaking as a Museum

Busts from the past, present and future!

Decorative marble busts have a long history and they are making a return with a splash. Busts are a marker of traditional design and have been part of museums for a long time. There are so many options when it comes to investing in modern busts for your home. Moreover, you can get a marble bust of yourself made, which might seem a little extravagant but you surely will love the results.

Marble busts have evolved from the classic pieces to modern accent items with an aesthetical flair. From life-size Roman marble busts such as the bust of Augustus and Julius Caesar to the modern large marble bust of a woman, you can find a variety of custom marble busts to adorn your home with a classical touch and oomph. Whether you are looking for marble bust with meaning, marble busts of women, antique marble busts for sale, marble bust sculpture, or sculptural busts, you will find these marble busts for sale incredibly appealing. Read on to know more.

Marble Bust of Woman

The famous veiled lady bust by Raffaelo Monti is a subject of intrigue and curiosity. This marble bust of a woman is a tribute to the woman's beauty and her shyness. Hand carved from a beautiful natural white marble block, this veiled bust statue of a lady is poised on a matching white marble pedestal. The bust features a thinly veiled face of a woman that bears a calm and placid expression, which is visible through the fabric. Carved with meticulous precision, the stone bust has a floral crown atop the head, securing the veil in place. A gentle breeze flows through the fabric, making it a hauntingly beautiful piece of art. It can be customized to fit in your space. This marble bust of a woman will be a perfect addition to any modern or contemporary home.

Marble Bust of Maya King

This hand carved sculptural bust of the Mayan King Pakal is perfect for a Boho or traditional home. The bust has been crafted from natural white marble and has a calm expression and an identical crown of the king. It has been etched with careful details from the characteristics of the king by skilled craftsmen. The elaborate headdress of the Mayan emperor is a detailed carving. The head bust comes with a square pedestal, giving it a certain height for better exhibition. It will look amazing in your living room, the foyer or out on the patio. You can also install it in the garden, where the tough marble exterior will not get damaged from natural wear and tear

Modern Marble Bust

This modern bust is an ode to contemporary art forms. It has been hand carved from heavy marble blocks and has a suave hue of antique white. The sculptural bust has a head, which is carved under the hairline and above the chin to sculpt another face inside, making the head a frame. The inner face bears calm facial expressions and the design creates a curiosity in the beholder. The relevance, the design and the theory behind it will be the points of attraction. This modern stone bust will be a timeless addition to your home and will last decades. It can be placed in the living room, on the patio, in the garden or even in the bedroom. You can have this gorgeous piece made in order to make it a better fit for your home.

Wall Mounted Marble Bust of Hercules

The great and mighty hero Hercules is a great addition to your space in the form of this breathtaking and incredibly detailed wall mounted marble bust. This Roman wall decoration has been skillfully carved from natural white marble with each expression and carving exhibiting the fine craftsmanship. The head of the ancient hero is filled with confidence through his rugged features such as his beard and hair. There is a stunning wall support with egg and dart stone carvings attached to the head, with whorls of flowers. You can hang it over your fireplace, on the patio or the garden wall to beautify the space even more.

Marble Bust of Michelangelo’s David

This outdoor elephant statue has been carved from natural granite stone blocks. The life-size elephant sculpture will be a symbol of intelligence, profound emotions and grandeur in your garden and will add to the overall value of your property. Hand-crafted from real stone, the animal statue is massive and has a grizzled, complex texture that cannot be achieved from any other material. Standing on a rectangular base, the elephant has its truck folded over its head as if in salutation. The figure bears granite’s colors of black, gray and white freckled all over it. Its dazzling white tusks are a stark contrast to the gray body. It would make a perfect inclusion to a modern garden.

Marble Bust of Epicurus

Hand-carved from light brown limestone, this stone bust of the great philosopher Epicurus is inspired by the original marble terminal bust that was excavated from Villas Casali of Rome in AD 1-160. The original work was 47 cm high, but this replica stands tall at 78 cm. Through adept craftsmanship, the expressions of the bust remain deep in thought. The beautiful color and texture of the light brown limestone brings out a vigorous quality in the stone bust. The bust is draped from head in a brown fabric, while the subject has curly white hair and beard. It is a gorgeous piece of artwork that can be proudly displayed in a living room, patio or even in the garden. It can also be made to order.

White Marble Bust of Shakespeare

There is a wide population of Shakespeare fans and why shouldn’t there be? After all, he is considered one of the greatest writers in the English language and the world’s greatest dramatist. This marble bust of William Shakespeare is perfect for literature fans to adorn their home or library. The sculptural bust stands tall at 78 cm. Hand carved from natural white marble, the bust features a polished surface. The poet bears delicate expressions, while his clothes pay homage to the renaissance era. You can have this beautiful artwork made in order to better fit in your home, office or library.

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