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Marble bust

Roman marble bust, Plato bust, Aristotle bust and Veiled lady bust customization

Marble Bust of David
Marble bust of Epicurus
Marble Bust of William Shakespeare
Marble bust of Julius Caesar
Greek Marble Gemstone bust Plato
Black Marble Statue Bust
Marble portrait bust of Aristotle
Marble bust of the veiled lady
Marble Bust of Augustus

Custom Marble bust

Custom size and material for marble bust

New Home Stone provide top-notch quality natural marble bust, from life-size Roman marble bust such as bust of Augustus, bust of Aristotle, Bust of Plato, Julius Caesar etc. to modern large marble bust of Batman, Spiderman or marble bust of Ironman.

Easy to order process: Email us the questions and information of your interested marble bust, for example: the photo of the bust you want to customize, the size of the sculpture, or the pedestal height you need, and we will quickly quote and confirm with you the delivery info as well as the producing(hand-carved from natural stone block) time.