Decorative bust made by natural stone, wall decorative stone bust of Hercules

Life-sized Marble bust

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marble bust

Decorative bust made by natural stone, wall decorative stone bust of Hercules

This mighty Hercules marble bust wall art is perfect to make any space a standalone corner in your house. The ancient-style roman wall decorative stone bust is an artwork of skilled craftsmen and artisans with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Each carving detail on it looks very clean and professionally done especially the head of Hercules that exudes confidence through his poised and rugged features, including a life-like beard and hair.

Stone bust for sale, marble bust, bust art

The head part comes attached with a beautifully adorned wall support with egg and dart stone carvings, and floral twists and bends on its corners. Overall, it’s an ideal figure that symbolizes physical, moral, and artistic excellence. Hang it on the central wall of your living room or at the facade of your home to bestow unique timeless appeal. The decorative bust is made by natural stone which is of premium quality and can also withstand bad weather conditions, making it an ideal decorative piece for outdoors as well. You can expect this marble bust art to beautify your space for many decades. The stone bust is up for sale now and you can get it in your requested dimensions to fit your space. Feel free to send your custom requirements.