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Marble balustrade

Customized natural stone railing and marble banisters

Red Granite Balustrade
White marble baluster
White marble railing
balustrade with honed surface
Geometric design marble baluster
Contemporary Marble banister
Stone baluster railing
Limestone balustrade
Design your stone balustrade

Bespoke marble balustrade

From design to produce natural stone balsutrade

At Newhomestone, we provide one-stop service for your natural stone home decoration. From helping to design your unique natural stone balustrade to hand-carved elegant marble balustrade, you would save plenty time and receive top quality stone railing for your home!

It's very simple to work with us when you have a project. You could contact us while the project is still under plan stage. Email us your project, you thought, you drawing, we would have professional service team to assist you. We are passionate about stone art and stone carving. Besides beautiful natural stone railing, we also provide garden stone statue, stone fountain, stone lamp post and marble bench etc.