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Bespoke marble balustrade

From design to produce natural stone balsutrade

At Newhomestone, we provide one-stop service for your natural stone home decoration. From helping to design your unique natural stone balustrade to hand-carved elegant marble balustrade, you would save plenty time and receive top quality stone railing for your home!

It's very simple to work with us when you have a project. You could contact us while the project is still under plan stage. Email us your project, you thought, you drawing, we would have professional service team to assist you. We are passionate about stone art and stone carving. Besides beautiful natural stone railing, we also provide garden stone statue, stone fountain, stone lamp post and marble bench etc.

Best Marble Balustrades You Should Invest in to Beautify Your Home

Architecture is a wondrous thing that brings out beauty even in a simple four-walled structure. Marble balustrade is one such thing of beauty. Balustrades are low screen formed by railings of different materials such as stone, wood, glass, metal and so on. It is designed to prevent fall from roofs, terraces, balconies, stairs and other elevated architectural structures. This element has been in use for a long time and craftsmen have become creative with the designs.

You will find tons of traditional stone pillars and ornate and hand carved stone balustrades in the market, making it quite overwhelming for you to make a choice. Here are some of the most beautiful marble banister designs that will add to the beauty of your home. Read on to know more about these marble balustrades.

Long Marble Balustrade

Whether you are looking for a stone banister for your home or office, this large marble balustrade is a perfect choice. Made from natural white marble, this banister will not only cordon off your balcony, terrace or garden but provide a style statement as well. This custom marble banister features beautiful arches between the pillars. The side pedestals are carved with Jesus, angels and saints to bring a spiritual vibe to the piece. It will remind you of beautifully erected European abbeys. You can get this architectural element customized in any size or shape to better fit your space. It will be a perfect addition to any modern or contemporary home.

Long Marble Banister

This simple yet gorgeous piece will instantly elevate your design layout. The long marble banister is ideal for long balconies, to barricade the garden from unwanted guests and for terraces to protect people from falling off. Featuring handcrafted angelic figures and harvest on the pedestals, this marble balustrade has been carved from natural white marble. You can also add this railing to a commercial space such as offices, but it would be an amazing addition to a church or abbey. It will ooze a distinctive charm and aesthetical grace that only marble can provide. Moreover, this feature will be a valuable addition to your overall property.

Marble Railing

There is something aesthetic and romantic about a well-made balcony. After all, it was where the greatest love story of Romeo and Juliet materialized. But a balcony is never complete without a stunning railing or marble balustrade to complement its design. This stunning stone railing is dipped in strength, luxury and style. Hand-carved from natural white stone, this balcony can be installed both indoors and outdoors. They are arched in between the pillars, giving the feature a regal vibe. The broad pedestals of the railing have ornate carvings on them to enhance its beauty and tell a story of sorts. Moreover, you can have this marble banister made to order in any size or shape to make it a suitable fit for your available space.

Custom Marble Banister

This beige marble banister is simple yet elegant and will be an ideal candidate to install on staircases. It features a meticulously carved base with vase-shaped pillars. Whether you want a banister for safety purposes or decorative purposes, this stunning piece will offer you both. It will blend in with your existing furnishings without fuss and will elevate the design of the home or the garden. You can include this balustrade in a modern, mid-century or farmhouse style home for an elegant look. It can also be custom-made to your liking.

Red Granite Balustrade

Natural stone balustrades feature a rugged beauty and an unparalleled texture. Take a look at this red granite balustrade for instance. This visually appealing marble banister comes with several applications. You can install it inside your home, out in your garden or on the patio stairs. It is already available in different sizes, but you can have it custom made in any size or shape to make it a better fit for your home or garden. With a shiny polished surface, the dark red balustrade looks exquisite in any space. It will make an elegant inclusion to a modern or contemporary home.

Limestone Balustrade

When it comes to adorning your home, going simple is always the smart choice. This limestone balustrade is a brilliant addition to your patio, poolside, backyard or staircase. Handcrafted from natural limestone, this balustrade is beautiful, durable and low maintenance. It has an exquisite grainy texture along with a superior design that will instantly enhance your space. This marble banister will not only offer protection but become a valuable addition to your entire property. Moreover, you can have it made to order in any size, shape, or design to accommodate your available space and budget.

White Marble Banister

This smoothly polished marble balustrade is made from premium quality, natural white marble. It is the best option to enhance the ambiance of your garden, patio or indoor stairs. It has a simple design with a shiny surface and subtle gray veining. The high-grade marble material is strong, durable and incredibly beautiful. It is also low-maintenance and will grace your property for decades. You can have this banister customized to better suit your available space. It is an ideal fit for a modern or contemporary home or garden. Given the durability and sturdiness of marble, you can install it both indoors and outdoors without worrying about wear and tear.

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