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Stone Fountain Stone Fountains for sale
Stone Fountain Stone Fountains for sale
Stone Fountain Stone Fountains for sale
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Marble Fountain

A marble fountain made by NewHomeStone is definately a show stopper in your garden. All of our natural stone outdoor fountains are made of first class natural marble block, the stone of choice for many national monuments! Contact our service team and tell us your idea or your favourite photo of fountain, or your garden style, our service team and designers would customize a suitable marble fountain from size to color!

Our natural stone outdoor fountains are exclusively hand-carved for designer, contractor/builder and even handy homeowner! Because of our detail-oritented services and world's top sculptors skills, all marble fountains from NEWHOMESTONE are timeless beauty and each comes in a unique natural stone pattern.

Stunning Marble Fountains to Adorn Your Garden With Chic Aesthetics

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Fountains are absolutely breathtaking, whether they are installed inside a house or out in the garden. Marble fountains have been a part of human history for a long time and people have been drawn to these wonderful water features across the world, especially Europe; Fontana di Trevi in Italy comes to mind. Marble water fountains have gained in popularity in modern times as well, with people wanting to include granite fountains, white marble fountains, outdoor tiered mountains, and stone carving fountains in their gardens or backyards.

The babbling of a marble fountain can bring immense peace to mind, while its timeless appeal attracts the eye. To help you find the perfect marble fountain for your house, we have listed a handful of the best marble fountains for sale that will give you clear idea of the grandeur these water features will bring to your outdoors.

White Marble Fountain

A white marble fountain is a favorite choice for many for the pure, ethereal vibe it bestows upon your space. This large marble fountain has been carved from natural white marble with gray veining that accents its beauty even further. It features 12 lion heads as the center of attraction on its three tiers. It adds a sense of true power, pride and elegance to your garden. It has a big pool surround where water pours out after oozing from lion mouths. This beautiful fountain will not only elevate your garden layout but enhance your overall property value. Its geometrical patterns will incorporate a vibe of whimsy. Moreover, you can have this customized in any size and shape to fit your space.

Three-Tiered Garden Fountain

There is something regal about tiered fountains, which attracts the eye and wildlife alike. This three-tiered garden fountain is intricately crafted from Egyptian beige marble, which is a natural stone of breathtaking beauty. Featuring spiral columns, this fountain has a simple design that commands a distinct sense of charm and exquisiteness. Resembling the fountains of ancient civilizations, this three-tiered fountain adds a minimalistic, yet majestic touch to your outdoors and becomes a valuable addition to the entire property. This large marble fountain can be included in a modern or contemporary garden. You can have it made to order with any design modifications you find necessary to fit your layout.

Unique Sculptural Marble Fountain

This unique stone fountain features the elegance and grace of female figures in an exquisite sculptural form. It has been made from natural white marble with gray veining and consists of two layers. There is a small round pool surround as the base and a round pillar in the middle. This small water fountain has a pair of intricately carved female statues around the pillar that holds a basin overhead, marking the second layer. The marble fountain has detailed designs and patterns carved all around, bestowing it a charming aura. Its white stone will wash your entire garden in a bright light and elegance.

Charming Basin Fountain for Small Gardens

Not all of us are blessed with sprawling gardens with tons of space to include a giant marble fountain. Well, for those who are short of land acres, this charming wall fountain with a basin is truly a gift. It could even be a modern driveway fountain. Made from beige travertine, this wall basin fountain is simple yet gorgeous. It will increase the style quotient of your outdoor space and give all the design perks of a big fountain as well. The fountain has a brick wall-like pattern with a basin hanging at the bottom. It is a perfect pick for minimalists. You can have this fountain made to order in any size or shape to suit your available space and budget.

Marble Fountain with Rectangle Surround

This marble rectangle fountain has been hand-carved from natural beige marble and features two female figures around the round pillar and a lion head carved on the base of the pillar. The pillar stands in the middle of a rectangle pool surround. It will enhance the beauty of your outdoor space, while becoming a valuable addition to your overall property. This marble fountain can be customized in any size, shape, design or material to accommodate your available space and budget. It will make a great inclusion to a modern or contemporary garden.

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