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How do I decide on my outdoor fountain design

How to choose from various marble outdoor fountain design

A Guide to choose your natural stone outdoor fountain for your garden style

One of the most striking designs for a garden or backyard is an outdoor water fountain. There are various ways to sculpt a fountain to blend with the environment. But you need to consider certain factors while deciding on a visually appealing outdoor fountain design.

What is the size of the space?

You may want a huge dramatic water fountain in your yard. But what if the space is small? In this case, a big fountain won’t look better in a small area. Likewise, a small fountain could seem lost in a vast garden space. So, when choosing an outdoor fountain design, you must measure the width and length of your yard to decide which design will be highly suitable.

What things are present in the yard?

To ensure that the water feature complements the surroundings, it is crucial to consider what things are present in your yard. After all, you want a fountain design that matches the overall layout and scheme. It is best to choose a material that has similar tones and shades just like your yard. For instance, a classic rustic or tiered marble fountain design looks better in a traditional space. And, if your garden is modern, it is best to choose a modern outdoor fountain.

What is your lifestyle?

Lifestyle is another important factor to consider when choosing an outdoor fountain design. It is because your lifestyle determines which design suits them best. If you have kids at home, you need a child-friendly design and does not have any sharp edges or deep bases. And, if you frequently move bikes or other large items through your driveway, installing a large fountain may not be a good idea.

Where do you reside?

Where you reside is not just essential due to the material and design of your house. But it also affects weather. If you live in areas facing harsh winters, you need to winterize your fountain to prevent any damage. If it does not seem practical for you, it is best to choose a highly durable design. It must also be able to cope with various weather conditions.

What are different water fountain styles?

There are different types of fountain styles, such as:

  • Modern fountain
  • Rustic fountain
  • Classic fountain
  • Formal fountain
  • Contemporary fountain

Whether you have a contemporary, country, or urban garden, the outdoor fountain must be compatible with your lifestyle and garden or home aesthetics If you are seeking a free-standing outdoor fountain, it will be a striking focal point to pick a three-tiered marble fountain or a larger scale fountain with more sound. This fountain must be nestled in a secluded corner, tucked in the plantings. This way, the fountain would not distract the given composition of the space. So, bubbling fountains are perfect for such a setting. No matter what water fountain you pick, you'll love it for its soothing, relaxing sounds that serve as a stress buster. For any queries, it is best to consult professionals for expert advice and guidance.

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