Modern rectangular fountain|basalt bubbling water feature

Modern fountain|Customzied natural stone fountain for sale

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Details of Modern stone square fountain

Carved on a black and gray rectangular black basalt slab,this water ripple landscape fountain is as unique as they come. At first glance, you will not even believe that it is a water feature. Designed as an uncomplicated maze-like structure, this modern rectangular fountain has size water outlets and ascending steps. The squiggly shapes will add some geometrical charm to your space and will instantly become the centerpiece of your garden layout or even, your living room.

Marble Small Modern Fountain

  • Material:mills stone/basalt stone/black marble
  • Size:Custimzed
  • Product category: marble fountain

The stone square fountain or basalt bubbling water feature can be placed anywhere in your garden – amid flower beds, near the pathways or in the middle of the garden to enhance the design quotient. It will not only add character to your backyard but will increase the overall value of your entire property. To make it a better fit to your available space and existing layout, you can even have it customized in any size or shape. This will be a perfect fit for any contemporary or modern layout.