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Garden marble bench and marble flower pot

Recent projects of large stone garden planter and marble bench

Marble Planter Stylishly Ebbing and Flowing with Smooth Ridges - Nero Marquina Stone Planter
Marble Planter Smoothly Fashioned with a Perfect Geometrical Shape - Nero Marquina Stone Planter
Marble Planter Old-fashioned Design Nero Marquina Stone Planter
Marble Planter Deceptive in Appearance Nero Marquina Marble Planter
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Marble planter Marble planter with floral carving
Marble planter Stone planter with floral carving
Marble bench
Natural stone garden seat Carrara
White marble benchtop with stone balustrades
3-seat marble bench
Marble garden vase
Marble garden planter with Sphinxes statue
Natural stone plant pots with lion head
Black marble large garden planter
Stone garden flower pot with ram heads

Marble benches and Marble planters

Stone Carving & design is our passion

All of the Newhomestone marble benches and marble planters are hand-carved from natural stone. There are different types of natural stone: from marble, limestone, travertine, sandstone to granite. Marble benches and planters carved from these natural stone would last hundreds of years. Unlike concrete garden benches and planter or cast stone benches, real marble benches and marble vases would resist freezethaw cycle and extreme weather changes and marble products won't crack like concrete under any natural outdoor circumstance.

Beautiful Marble Benches and Planters You Can Install in Your Garden for a Regal Makeover

Marble is a breathtaking natural stone that can transform your entire space into something regal. The stone brings a rare distinction of royalty to your home, be it indoors or outdoors. Surely, your outdoor design is as important as the indoors. If your garden or backyard is looking a bit dull, you can always include some stunning marble features to jazz up the layout. One of the sure fire ways of sprucing up your garden design is by installing marble benches, marble planters and marble flower pots.

While fountains are a really wonderful addition to any garden, not all gardens are equipped to incorporate statement water features. Therefore, you can include stunning marble benches and marble planters to deliver an invigorating and sensational natural beauty to your outdoors.

Marble top
White Marble Planter

Carved from natural white stone, this marble flower pot will lend a decorative touch to your otherwise drab garden. This marble planter has a delicate floral carving that will make it an innate extension of your garden. You can use this beautiful planter for potting flowers and other greens or simply display it as is as a style statement. It has a classical vase shape with clean egg-and-dart carvings on the top outer border. The central portion of the vessel has botanical accents along with thickly carved two downward acanthus leaves on the sides. The bottom of the planter has a circular plinth with a timeless sculptural quality. It will be an exquisite addition to your garden. If you have a large garden, you can incorporate more than one of such planters.

A simple yet gripping design, this modern black marble bench has a sleek ebony hue that adds modern charm to any place. It will not only offer you a place to sit and relax in nature, but elevate the garden design while increasing the overall value of your property as well. Rectangular in shape, the bench has been hand carved from a single black marble block and has smooth surface and edges. It is a great addition to any modern or contemporary property. This stone bench comes with a design accent that can be used as a backrest. Its unique design will invite a vibe of charm, class and distinctive style. What’s more appealing is that you can have this bench customized in any shape or size.

Modern Black Marble Bench
White Marble Bench

This breathtaking stone seating is the perfect option if you want to update your garden layout. This marble bench has been crafted from natural white marble with unparalleled beauty. Hand-carved with beautiful acanthus designs on armrests, this bench is a great outdoor addition as it is hard-bearing and resistant to natural elements. Its delicate floral patterns lend it a gentle touch, while its reliefs and motifs tell the amazing story of the craft. It features egg-and-dart designs on the edges. There are three carved pedestals holding the seat. The designs, patterns, size and shape of the marble feature can all be made in order to make it a better fit for your space. It will look breathtaking in a large garden where it will ooze luxury.

This two-seat marble bench will give you romantic vibes of some Parisian garden. It has been hand carved from beautiful beige marble and is embellished with numerous reliefs and motifs. The backrest is adorned with bas relief carving of acanthus leaves and seashells at the top. Its armrests also feature acanthus leaves with meticulously sculpted stone sphinxes. The marble garden seating is gorgeously designed and comes in dimensions of 130 x 200 cm. However, it can be made to order in any size, shape, design or material to make it a better fit for your available space and budget. It is a stunning inclusion for a modern or contemporary design. Its vintage design will add a graceful charm to your backyard.

Sculpted Marble Bench
Vintage Marble Flower Pot

We all adore modern, abstract designs, but the appeal of vintage designs still remains unparalleled. Be it a modern or traditional property, this classic marble flower pot is the best choice to elevate the garden layout. Aside from its functionary use, this planter will double as a decoration as well. This antique marble planter has an egg-and-dart detail on the rim while acanthus leaves decorate its middle portion. It has a chalice-shaped vase poised on a small stem with a square base. Crafted from beige marble, this planter will introduce a unique décor element to your backyard’s blooms. The natural marble can withstand the natural elements such as harsh sunlight and heavy rains, meaning your planter will adorn your space for decades to come without sustaining much damage outdoors.

This beautiful marble bench has been hand carved from natural white marble blocks. It is specifically designed to seat a large group of six to eight people. It has a unique curved design that wraps to mirror an incomplete polygon. Its comfortable, curved corners offer snug fitting with an elaborate design display. It features beautiful stone balustrades on top of the bench. Their oscillating shapes and ridges form the backrest of the marble seating. The entire structure has a rich concave shape with detailed floral carvings that harmonize with the garden’s charm. Moreover, it can be made to order in any shape or size to better suit your space

White Marble Bench
Marble Urn Flower Pot

Meticulously carved with sleek lines, the antique design of this urn-shaped marble flower pot is simply too gorgeous to ignore. Simple yet exquisite, this planter is oozing the royalty and aesthetic charm that only marble can provide. It has hand carved edges with minimalist carving. Made from natural off-white marble blocks, this urn planter has a subtle hint of a grainy texture that further complements its antique charm. Its curvy shape will seamlessly pair with the blooms of your garden. You can even place this planter or two in your living room, or the front door as welcoming accents. You can have it customized as well. It will go wonderfully with a modern or contemporary design.

This beige marble bench looks as if it is a part of an ancient civilization. It is an exquisite and impressive three-seat bench that has been carved by hand from natural beige marble blocks. The bench features beautifully sculpted sphinx heads on its armrests. It also features a plumed motif arching in the backrest design. The elaborate patterns on the backrest include mosaics of Corinthian style whorls, which are mirroring the top rim of the seat and three carved legs. This rustic marble bench is perfect for large and small gardens. It can be a standalone addition or installed in pairs. You can also place this bench on your patio. It will add value to your overall property and can be made to order in any size and shape.

Beige Marble Bench
Urn Shaped Outdoor Marble Planter

Not every urn is a Grecian Urn, but this sure as hell looks like one. This urn shaped outdoor marble planter will be a remarkable addition to your yard or even indoor space such as hallway or the entrance. Its meticulously carved floral designs on the sides will blend gracefully among your shrubbery and flower beds. It has a certain vintage look about it due to acanthus leaves and detailed foliage patterns. Poised on a pedestal placed on a square marble base, this planter can be installed in your space as a standalone feature or in pairs to elevate the design layout. It will be a perfect pick for modern and contemporary homes and gardens

The beauty of white Italian Carrara marble is simply unmatched. Hand-carved from natural marble blocks, this marble bench has two sculpted musicians on either side of the bench, acting as armrests. The bench can seat three people at maximum capacity and is suitable for small gardens. It has a smooth white surface with bold gray veining that is particular to Carrara marble. There are subtle floral carvings across the entire stone piece that make it a beauty to behold. It can be made to order in any shape, size, material or design to better accommodate your design needs. It will look spectacular in a modern or contemporary home.

White Carrara Marble Bench

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