Marble garden planter with Sphinxes statue

Stone garden urn supported by four Sphinxes statue

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Mable garden planter

This incredible marble garden planter features several dazzling layers of carved designs, relief scenes, and motif carvings, all shaped from a block of natural travertine limestone. On the urn itself is a classic egg-and-dart motif carved around the wide rim, and beneath it is engraved a lively high relief scene of people celebrating the harvest, appearing to dance or lounge around the perimeter of the urn in a formation that resembles a party around a campfire or banquet, or some other central social location. The stone garden planter is supported on its travertine plinth by four great sphinx characters, peering out from the natural stone urn like figureheads on the front of a mighty ship. Strong lion’s feet hold the planter up on the marble planter’s pedestal, which is adorned with a wonderful ox head.

Suggested Size of Marble Urn

  • Material: Travdertine
  • Height of stone urn:70.5 in. (179.07 cm)
  • Width of stone urn:30 in. (76.2 cm)
  • Depth of stone urn:30 in. (76.2 cm)
  • Size could be customized