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Natural stone garden gazebo

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Marble pavillion with Caryatid column
Hexagon marble gazebo
Garden gazebo carved with lion head
Marble pavillion with metal top
Outdoor marble gazebo without top
Marble gazebo with iron dome
Circular stone gazebo
Natural stone gazebo
Domed marble gazebo

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It's hard to find a right size natural stone pergola to fit your outdoor patio. You need a team to customize the pergola for you according to the size and shape of your patio. Here comes NewHomeStone sculptors and designers team. We are here to help! We customize and design the marble gazebo according to your drawing or the shape of your vacant patio. From hexagon pergola to square gazebo, with hollow dome or with solid rain proof dome! Choose the right color of marble or granite to fit your garden design! we are a one-stop service team to save your time!

Best Marble Gazebo Designs of 2023 You Can Install in Your Garden

Gazebos are a fabulous garden structure. They can be freestanding or attached to a garden wall to provide a wonderful outdoor space to sit and relax in on hot summer days. These stone pavilions can have roofs and open on all sides. These structures offer shade and shelter from the sun, wind, and rain, while providing a place to rest. Gazebos also serve as a decorative feature, adding an ornamental quality and elevating the beauty of your garden landscape.

The open design of these stone pavilions lets the gentle wind and sunlight to filter through while the roof gives plenty of shade. Gazebos have gained in popularity as an outdoor entertaining area in most warm and sunny climates. They can also serve as marble pavilions, marble temples and stone temples for your outdoor spaces. The most famous styles represent the Italian and English Neo-Classical, Romanesque and Baroque periods, which have made their lasting presence into the modern era with flair.

Typically, the gazebos are made of natural stones or metals. Marble has become one of the favorite materials to make gazebos and pavilions. Marble gazebos are strong, long-lasting and visually appealing. Here are the best marble gazebos, stone gazebos, garden marble temples and stone temples of 2023 that can augment the aesthetics of your garden landscape in an instant.

Gazebo in sunset

Beige Marble Temple

Crafted from natural beige marble blocks, this beautiful marble temple is a wonderful addition to any garden. It has been created by a seamless combination of modern technology and traditional designs to offer a serene outdoor space that can serve numerous purposes. This garden gazebo can be a place of prayer, an entertainment zone or simply an outdoor relaxation area. The stone temple has six pillars that support a heavy duty wrought iron dome. It is a simple feature with plain design and minimal carvings, giving it a very sophisticated aura. The balustrades are joined by plain plinths where the pillars are poised. This garden fixture is perfect for small areas that are looking for a modern upgrade in the design.

Stone Gazebo with Iron Dome

This stone gazebo with a beautiful iron dome is something every garden owner should procure. It is a beautiful piece of art and is entirely made from natural stone, which gives it an exquisite texture. It is one of the best marble gazebo designs of 2023 and has been hand carved. It features six pillars gracefully placed atop six plain stone plinths. There are two openings in this stone pavilion and two balustrades join three pillars on both sides. It also comes with a matching stone bench to provide a place to sit down. You can add your own choice of furniture inside this garden feature, if you like. The iron dome will protect you from harsh sunlight and rainfall. Its modern design is perfect for every kind of garden.

Natural Stone Gazebo
Circular White Marble Gazebo

White Marble Gazebo

Natural white marble has an unmatched aesthetic appeal, whether it is for residential spaces or commercial areas. This white marble gazebo comes with a wrought iron dome top that features bare geometric patterns, which will not do much to shield from natural elements but has an elegant look. There are six pillars standing tall on top of six matching marble columns. There are no balustrades joining the pillars and the gazebo is left open to all sides. You can use it to frame an outdoor water fountain, create a stone temple from it or leave it as a centerpiece for ceremonies and functions. It is a big feature and will work beautifully for a big garden, be it a residential garden or a commercial one. However, it can be made to order in any shape or size should you require.

Stone Temple With Iron Dome

Stone and metal have worked in perfect harmony since long before humankind walked the planet and they do still. This natural stone temple with an iron dome is a classic example of that harmony. Created from natural stone, this pavilion will be the perfect residence for any deity you worship. It has six pillars placed on tiny square slabs to hold the heavy metal dome that offers shade and shelter. You are at liberty to use the space under the dome however you desire. It could be a stone pavilion, temple or a place to entertain your family and friends. It's simple yet exquisite design is an ideal match for a modern or rustic design layout. It might just remind you of temples of ancient Greece.

Hexagonal Stone Gazebo
White Marble Garden Gazebo

Beige Marble Pavilion

Natural beige marble has a magical allure about it and can lift up the mood of any mundane space to make it royal. Take this beige marble pavilion for example. Defined as a summer house or an ornamental structure in a garden meant for shelter, this pavilion will be paired flawlessly with a summer house in the country. Made from elegant beige marble, it has four Corinthian style pillars in the front, while the back is entirely closed off to prevent the elements. The garden feature has a traditional house-style roof with shingles. You can place a couple of lounge chairs inside and watch the pretty season rolling. It serves best for a country home.

White Stone Temple

This white stone temple is a beautiful addition to any garden next to a big mansion-style house. It is a big feature that has been made from natural stone blocks to give it a certain earthy appeal. It has six Corinthian-style pillars on the front; while the back is almost walled off save for a big arch door. It will remind you of ancient Roman and Greek temple architecture. It has a tapered roof with shingles and plenty of space underneath the roof. It can be a temple for worship or religious gatherings, or it can be an area meant for entertainment. The choice is yours. It goes well with big country houses, which have plenty of outdoor space for installing such a big garden feature. However, this stone temple can be made in a smaller scale for your space if need be.

Large Stone Gazebo
Marble Gazebo with Roof

White Marble Gazebo with Copper Dome

Small in size but big in appeal, this white marble gazebo with a copper dome is the next best thing you can install in your garden to elevate its design quotient. Crafted from natural marble and copper, this gazebo features six pillars standing on matching marble plinths. The plinths are connected by four balustrades, leaving two openings to enter or exit the marble feature. It has a plain design without any embellishments or unnecessary carvings. It will serve impeccably in a modern city garden where space is already scarce. This marble gazebo can be customized in any shape or size to make any modifications as per your available space.

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