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Natural stone garden gazebo

Recent project of Marble gazebo, stone pavillion display

Marble pavillion with Caryatid column
Hexagon marble gazebo
Garden gazebo carved with lion head
Marble pavillion with metal top
Outdoor marble gazebo without top
Marble gazebo with iron dome
Circular stone gazebo
Natural stone gazebo
Domed marble gazebo

Custom your marble gazebo

Stone Carving & design is our passion

It's hard to find a right size natural stone pergola to fit your outdoor patio. You need a team to customize the pergola for you according to the size and shape of your patio. Here comes NewHomeStone sculptors and designers team. We are here to help! We customize and design the marble gazebo according to your drawing or the shape of your vacant patio. From hexagon pergola to square gazebo, with hollow dome or with solid rain proof dome! Choose the right color of marble or granite to fit your garden design! we are a one-stop service team to save your time!