Outdoor marble gazebo without top

Garden marble gazebo without top

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Stone gazebo for backyard

Open to the air with full sunlight access, this outdoor marble gazebo is one with its environment and has no restricting dome roof, making it perfect for those who want their garden gazebo to be closer to nature. A series of flawlessly carved caryatid marble columns depict the classic muses holding aloft Corinthian capital carvings over their head in the grand style, arranged in perfect formation without a fence or benches in between.

Garden gazebo with 10 columns

There are ten such columns, guarding the perimeter of the stone gazebo in the classical Grecian design, and up top above them is a bas relief of a Rinceau carving motif on the upper ridge. You can see how meticulously carved all of the elements of this stone gazebo are, as well as the ornate craftsmanship on display with the traditional stained marble coloration.