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How to buy a marble wall fountain and when wall fountain is on sale?

We are passion about our natural stone outdoor wall fountains! Specially the large outdoor fountain with Apollo Bath statues, since the designer combine garden marble wall fountain with Apollo Bath sculptures, there are designers, builder, even home owners all over the map coming to order and create their own unqiue wall foutain! All of the marble wall fountains listed here are beauituflly crafted designs, available in different natural stone color. The surface of each natural stone marble wall fountain come in a beuaitufl smooth honed finish.

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Best Outdoor Wall Fountains You Need to Raise the Style Quotient of Your Garden

Water features are always a great way to enhance your space, both indoors and outdoors. While fountains have an amazing aesthetic appeal and great fan-following, outdoor wall mounted fountains are gaining in popularity due to their unique designs and variety of material. You can opt for antique wall fountains, marble wall fountain, granite wall fountain, shell wall fountain, and so on. When looking for wall fountains for sale, the number of available options can easily overwhelm you.

You have to consider the material, the design, the size and shape, and cost of the wall mount fountain you are going to install. From large outdoor fountains with statues and garden treasures, lionhead fountains to stone wall fountains, vintage wall fountains, we have brought to you some of the most fabulous outdoor fountains for you. The wall fountains listed here are beautifully made and are available in numerous natural stone colors to complement your space. Read on to know more.

Dragon Head Outdoor Wall Fountain

You would think that wall fountains are small but this large dragon head outdoor wall fountain is here to change your perception. Featuring Greek mythological elements, this white marble mounted fountain has a circular basin with bas-relief egg-and-dart carving on the edge and adeptly carved marble statues of mermaids and winged goddesses looking admiringly at the winged goddess of victory Nike. Athletes worshiped her to win. This wall fountain features a breathtaking dragon head from where the water flows into the mermaid filled base. It will be a perfect addition to a large garden that can benefit from some antique touches. It is also suitable for indoor installation and is perfect for any modern and contemporary homes.

European Style Stone Wall Fountain

Hand carved from natural beige travertine blocks, this wall mounted fountain is a classical French style water feature. The water flows from a convex medallion spout into the two-tiered scalloped basins. The simple yet elegant design bestows it a keen and natural look. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors. You can make it a part of your living room wall, or the foyer, or install it out on the patio, or in your garden. The cascading stone wall fountain will make any wall a center of attraction and will add value to your overall property.

Lion Head Wall Fountain

This beautiful design will integrate itself in your space so that it will feel like your garden treasures lionhead fountain. It is a classic baroque style wall mounted lion head fountain that brings a sense of tranquility and quiet to your space. The fountain is two tiered. The water flows from the lion’s mouth into a scallop-shaped small basin, from where water pours down into the pool. The geometrical design and sea elements will be enhanced by the bubbling sounds of water. Handcrafted from beige travertine, the fountain has a gorgeous texture that can blend naturally in any indoor or outdoor space. You can also get it customized in any shape or size as per your requirement.

Black Granite Wall Fountain

This black granite wall fountain is a charming addition to a contemporary home. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The wall mounted fountain is handcrafted from natural black granite with a travertine plate in the center. Water pours from the spout of the travertine plate into the beautiful square pool below. The stark color contrast sets it apart from the humdrum of any space, making it an instant centerpiece. It can also be made to order in any size or shape to make it a better fit for your available space. You can even have LED lights mounted inside the fountain pool for a visually aesthetic view at night.

Vintage Wall Fountain

No matter how the shiny new things attract the eye, the thrill and beauty of an antique wall fountain still remain unparalleled. This rustic French style shell wall fountain is a gorgeous addition to any space. Featuring acanthus leaf bas-relief on the top with a convex wreath carved on the upper wall, this small wall fountain receives water flow from the upper spout, cascading in the smaller shell-shaped basin and then a bigger shell basin before tumbling down into the pool surround. The beautiful beige travertine marble gives the water features a delicate yet breathtaking vibe that will instantly remind you of rustic French fountains. You can use it as an indoor wall mounted fountain as well.

Black Stone Wall Fountain

Handcrafted from black Nero Marquina marble, this contemporary water feature has a simple yet an eye-catching design with ribbed rough wall texture. This stone wall fountain comes in different sizes of small, medium and large to accommodate your size requirements. With bold white veining, the water feature will add a splash of color to any space, be it indoor or outdoor and stand out from the rest of the decorative items in place. It can be customized in a variety of natural stone colors to make it more suitable to your existing layout. The gurgling of water will invite a soothing and calming vibe to the space, making you relax. It is an ideal fit for a modern or contemporary home or garden.

Lion Head Stone Wall Fountain

Hand carved from natural beige travertine blocks, this lion head stone wall fountain is perfect for your backyard or garden as it features a delicate back plate with floral bas-relief design that will complement the flora of your garden. A beautifully carved seashell is placed at the top, which is trailed by meticulously carved vines on both sides. A lion head has been carved in the center of the wall, from where water pours down into the surrounding pool. You can get this wall mount fountain made to order in any size, shape, material and design to make it more suitable to your available space and budget.

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