Lion water fountain with large pool

French Rustic stlye large wall fountain with lion head convex carving! Natural limestone hand carved!

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Lion water fountain: Outdoor wall fountain

Classical Rustic french style courtyard wall lion water feature. The surface of this limestone wall fountain is modeled after an antique french wall fountain. Water flow gently from the lion head's mouth on the backplate of this wall fountain. Old world resound throughout your courtyard. You would enjoy a natural stone wall fountain which the stone itself has waited for you for thousands of years on earth and a sculptor's lifetime skills

Limestone lion head wall water fountain

  • Material: Black limestone.
  • Bulk Density(kg/m3):2680
  • Water Absorption:0.18
  • Flexural Strength:13.8
  • Hand-crafted from solid limestone blocks
  • Limestone Surface:Honed & Sealed.
  • Water pipe hole: Carved out.
  • Element: lion head sculpture, scroll carvings.
  • Water features: water flows from mouth of the lion head into the water pool
  • Recommond Dimension:
  • Small: Pool width: 45-1/4" (115cm); Height: 59" (150cm)
  • Medium: Pool width: 71" (180cm); Height: 78"(198cm)
  • Large: Pool width: 98"(250cm); Height: 98" (250cm).
  • Color customization:white,black,green,red,brown,beige,gray,etc.(Natural stone color)
  • Fountain is sutiable for:Indoor,Outdoor;Garden;Commercial;Front yard;Backyard,etc