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Marble tombstone design

Unique and Eternal Marble tombstone with angel statuary display

Marble tombstone Weeping angel headstone
Marble tombstone Cross gravestone
Marble tombstone Stone gravestone fence
White Marble Angel Headstone
Weeping Angel Gravestone white marble
Angel statuary memorials headstones
Marble resting angel holding headstone
Marble sculpture of Angel of Grief
Angel heart headstone
Angel monuments
Granite tombstone with angel sculpture
White marble Angel tombstones designs

Angel statue monument

Hand-carved marble monument with angel statuary

In almost all human culture, death is never the end. For those who left behind, they live in our memory and keep supporting us for the rest of our lives. We need a special monument to engrave our love and lose. We need an angel to guard their soul. Newhomestone hand-carved special angel statue monument, every marble tombstone is unique and customized with love. Each headstone is sculpted for a special spirit.

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Classy Marble Tombstones and Gravestones with Angel Statuary

The loss of a loved one is unbearable but it is believed that it is an honor to be remembered even after death, which is why tombstones became a popular culture with distinguished gravestone designs. Tombstone angel and angel gravestone statues have become a famous element to mark the burial place of a loved one over the past few years. These resting places can be marked by tombstones made from wood, stone or metal, but marble is one of the most preferred natural stones to be used in graveyards.

The reasons for the popularity of the marble tombstones are the strength, durability, elegance and resistance to natural elements by the natural stone. Marble has been in use since ancient civilizations, particularly the Greeks, when sculptors used to carve statues out of the natural stone. Moreover, the stone can last hundreds of years with proper maintenance due to its hardness and durability. Here are some of the most classy marble angel tombstones and angel gravestone statues. Most of these gravestones have deeper significance.

Marble Statue of Angel at grave
Weeping Angel Tombstone Headstone

A cemetery angel weeping headstone represents sorrow over an untimely death. The weeping angel gravestone statue signifies the association between the heaven and the earth, along with emotions of might, calm, faith, security and beauty. It can help families feel at ease knowing that their loved ones are forever guarded by a heavenly presence. It features a white marble slab, with an embellished lectern placed on it, where a sorrowful angel is expressing her grief. The wings of the bereaved marble figure are sprawled to its sides. With its hair tied in a bun on the nape of its neck, head placed on one arm positioned on the pedestal and the other arm dangling over the edge, the tombstone angel reflects the sorrow. The pedestal has been meticulously crafted with detailed carvings. The white marble has delicate gray veins. You can have this piece customized in any shape or size to show your eternal love and protection for the dearly departed.

This memorial cross gravestone symbolizes the mercy of Jesus. If religious faith was an important part of your loved one’s life, then this monument may be a good option to be placed by their grave. Although it is not a pretty tombstone angel, the rustic cross sign will help the departed soul reach the gates of heaven while offering eternal protection. The faithful family can install this granite cross gravestone at the grave of a loved one to show their love and devotion. Carved from natural granite blocks, this headstone is poised on a small matching granite pedestal. There is a circle behind the cross-section. Simple yet elegant, the design and the material of this headstone will bring the feelings of peace and a sense of belonging in the time of sorrow. It will become an integral part of the grave while adding an architectural element to it. You can customize it in any shape or size as well.

Memorial Cross Gravestone

Not all people favor angel gravestone statues, some want a simple resting place for their departed family. This stone gravestone fence is a decorative feature for a grave to offer two quality points when placed on a gravesite. The main reason for placing a stone fence around a headstone is the ambiance of the place, which allows people to visit the grave of a dearly departed without feelings of deep sorrow affecting them badly. This marble tombstone fence will create a safe space for the grave and the departed to rest in peace and without being disturbed in the cemetery. This marble feature has four corners, each erecting a finial-like structure in different shapes. It has gently carved details to add a somewhat positive vibe to the area. Moreover, you can have this natural stone feature custom made in any size, shape, design or material to make it a better fit. It will also remind you of graceful tombstones of famous conquerors and kings.

Carved from natural white marble blocks, this tombstone angel bears the serene expressions exhibiting love, warmth and fondness for a dearly departed like a guardian or a mother-figure would do. The superior quality marble has been meticulously polished and features a lot of soothing elements. The amazing carving has been inspired by European marble sculptures. The angel statue is sitting on the tombstone, with a boutique of pastel orange roses in her hand. The crumples and folds of her drapes are incredibly realistic and are a true testament to the skill of the craftsmen. The wings of the angel are sprawled behind her back while a hand gently rests atop the tombstone. There is a flower basket at the feet of the tombstone, with a black board to write about the departed. You can have this beautiful gravestone customized in shape or size.

Marble Angel Gravestone Statue

This white marble angel gravestone statue is an ageless piece of artwork. It has been carved with intricate details and features an angel sitting on the tombstone with weary facial expressions, which reflect great loss and deep pain. The angel is holding a wreath in one hand while the other is placed in her lap. The statue has a dress draped around it with life-like crumples and folds. Its drooping wings show sorrow as well. There are two ionic capitals on the tombstones. You can contact to get this gravestone made to order in any shape, size, design or material you may want.

Bent over an upright headstone, this mourning tombstone angel has been carved from white marble. There is an angel mourning quietly over a gravestone in a white dress with her wavy hair gently swept over her back. The piece has been entirely hand-carved and features artistic elements such as the beautiful angel face, feathered wings and the roses the statue is holding. The angel has been carved out of a vertical tombstone. It is a cemetery monument with timeless grace and unique design. Remember your loved one with a guardian angel forever mourning their loss while overlooking them. You can have this marble mourning angel tombstone made to order in any size, shape, design or material to make it a better fit.

Tombstone with Mourning Angel
Angel of Grief Tombstone

This white marble angel gravestone statue weeping over the loss of a loved one is erected over a red marble lectern. Carved with a wreath, egg-and-dart motif and acanthus leaves, the red marble headstone has a rosette pattern adorning it. The white marble angel is bent over the headstone. The design is inspired by the famous memorial sculpture by William Wetmore’s “Angel of Grief.” The weeping angel has her wings drooping as a show of her grief. She has roses in one hand while the other hand is placed under head. In the middle of the headstone, there is a matching white marble cross rising. This life-sized gravestone is perfect for someone who lived their life king size. You can have this beautiful tombstone in customized size or shape as well.

Hand carved from natural white marble, this tombstone angel is a beautiful work of art with a deep meaning. The angel is bowing her head in grief while her wings are fully covering the tombstone as if trying to embrace the departed. It has been meticulously carved from one single block of natural stone. There is a wreath in the center of the marble pedestal, while the angel is holding a flower in her hand. There is an embellished cross rising from the middle of the pedestal top where the angel's bowed head shows her deepest feelings of sorrow. Her feathered wings are drooped over the gently adorned pedestal. It can also be made to order in any size or stone of preference.

White Marble Tombstone Angel
Granite Angel Gravestone Statue

Hand carved from natural granite blocks, this angel gravestone statue comes with a black granite grave bench. It features a beautifully carved headstone of an angel sitting on a tombstone with flowers in one hand, while the other gently rests on the grave. With a gentle blend of expressions of grief and reminiscence, the angel’s hair is short and wavy, her long dress mimicking the qualities of real-life fabric through folds and crumples. The open but slightly drooping wings of the angel reflect her sorrow. The statue has the texture that only granite can offer, making it a hard-wearing feature. The granite will last for generations as it can sustain natural wear and tear. You can get in touch with us to have this gravestone customized in any shape or size.

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