Marble sculpture of Angel of Grief

Weeping angel statuary holding monument headstone

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Weeping angel marble statue

This Angel tombstone design draws inspiration from the “Angel of Grief”, the famous memorial cemetery sculpture by William Wetmore. The artist engraved the weeping angel monument headstone for his loving wife in 1894. It was the last major work by the artist before his death in 1895. Both the husband and wife were buried in the same grave.

Customize size angel tombstone

This weeping angel monument headstone is a combination of red and white marble. It is carved with a wreath, egg-and-dart motif and acanthus leaves, and a rosette pattern on its surface.
The dramatic life-sized figure of an angel standing against the headstone with her head down speaks a lot about the grief of the people who are left behind after the death of a loved one. The Angel is weeping and keeping her wings down in sorrow. She is holding flower roses in her hand to express affection to whom the tombstone belongs.