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Bespoke marble doorway

Recent projects of custom marble doorway display

Stone Door Surround Decorative marble door surround
Stone Door Surround Marble doorway with four columns
Stone Door Surround Custom white marble door surround
Stone Door Surround Marble doorway with Goddess statue
Stone Door Surround Neo-classic Marble doorway
Stone Door Surround White marble doorsurround with Caryatid column
Stone Door Surround Vintage marble doorway
Stone Door Surround Marble doorways with angle bas-relief
Stone Door Surround Limestone doorway carving with fruits and Caryatid
Stone Door Surround Baroque design marble doorway

Antique style marble doorway

Marble doorway design and bespoke

Our hand-carved antique marble door surrounds are unique stone-carving repilca of ancient marble doorway design. Some are designed for entrance to the vault room of banks , some doorway are designed for Parliament. If you are planing to maintain or replace an stone door surround for an ancient castle, bank, Parliament, library building etc,New Home Stone is your helper! We have 20 years of experience of hand-carving ancient marble door surround and customize the size and material to your project.

Stone carving is our passion

We are a team of passinate sculptors and designers. We love our stone carving career deeply. We have help hunderds of designers and home owners, builders to complete their project with stone carving.

We customized stone fountains, marble fireplace, marble light pole and bench for garden, We have also customized marble door surround for ancient library and bank buildings. Email us about your project,We would assist you to complete it!

Decorative Stone Door Surrounds to Enhance the Entrance of Your Home

The entrance to your house is a mirror into the interior space, which is why it is very important to enhance the beauty of your front door. You can invest in a decorative border encircling the sides and top of a door frame. This ornamental border is called a door surround and can bring out an outstanding character to the entrance of any home.

Decorative stone trim and molding can be used to create attractive styling on the entrance, which will add a unique and charming aspect to your home. Besides, the gracefully warm and versatility of stone can give your home an individual personality.

There are many options when it comes to choose a stone door surround or a decorative marble door surround for your home. Door surrounds can be made from natural stone or cast stone. But if you want the elegance of natural beauty, here are the best stone door surrounds you can invest in to adorn your home’s entrance

Stone door surrounds
Ornamental Stone Door Surround

Let’s face it, we all say that it’s not good to judge a book by its cover, but we all do that. We make up our minds about something upon the first impression, and homes are no exception. Therefore, it is important that your home makes a good first impression and adding ornamental stone door surrounds is the perfect way to do so. Hand carved from stunning white marble blocks, this stone door surround evokes images of classical Greco-Roman style. It features two marble caryatid columns on both sides with matching designs and two twin cherubs flying overhead. A large wooden door will benefit from this large marble door surround as its sculptural quality and delicate carvings all over the piece will bring an artistic quality to the entrance. It will work flawlessly with any modern and contemporary style home.

The beauty of Corinthian columns is unmatched and this stone door surround absolutely benefits from this style. It features two large Corinthian columns with two small pillars that add an aesthetic appeal to any commercial, institutional or domestic buildings. Its carefully carved engravings improve the overall attractiveness of the entrance. Carved from beige marble, this gorgeous door frame has a variety of foliage carved all across it. The whorls and vines on this doorway look absolutely elegant. Moreover, you can have this beautiful stone door surround made to order in any size, shape or design to better suit your available space and budget. This will make your entrance a coveted piece on your property and will look stunning in a modern home.

Beige Stone Door Surround
White Marble Door Surround

White marble has an alluring quality and can make any space look regal. This beautiful white marble door surround is infused with the beauty of Corinthian columns that give rise to a tall archway. It features a bas-relief design that further elevates its beauty. This natural stone door surround has a wreath-shaped protruding piece on the top of the arc, while the rest of the archway is engraved with beautiful patterns. It will instantly raise the style quotient of your entrance, making it a coveted feature of your home. You can even get this in customized size and shape with any modifications specific to your door.

This gorgeous stone door surround is especially designed for mansions and big houses. It features two huge caryatid columns that give rise to beautifully carved column capitals. The archway of the door surrounds meticulously handcrafted fruits and flowers with a framed face of a woman in the middle. The white natural marble only adds to its exquisiteness and can turn any ordinary door into an extraordinary feature of the house. Each column has been engraved with intricate carvings at the lower and upper ends. Aside from its striking beauty, what makes it more appealing is the fact that it can be customized in any size and shape, meaning you can have it made to order with any design or size modifications required by your individual door. It will look wonderful in any modern or contemporary home.

Marble Door Surround with Caryatid Columns
Natural Stone Door Surround

The subtle architectural details around and in your house can help better not only its appearance but the property value as well. One sure shot way to elevate the style quotient of your home’s outer appearance is to install a stunning natural stone door surround. Take this beautiful piece of art for instance; it has skillfully sculpted caryatid columns with angle bas-relief, making it a perfect inclusion to any big sized house. It has a lion’s head in the center of the archway and two flying angels on its either side. It also has intricate floral patterns adorning it from top to bottom. Moreover, you can have this in custom made shape or size to suit your design requirements. It will go amazingly with a modern or contemporary design

New is always better, but old is gold. This vintage natural stone door surround looks straight out of an ancient city. Its every inch will make you feel like it is steeped in history. This door frame features four Corinthian columns and there are two pillars cupping the archway where two female figures have been meticulously carved. It has been hand carved from natural marble blocks and can offer a luxurious look to your home, making it a coveted part of the property. It will be a conversation starter and add value to your overall property, increasing its price point in the real estate market. Besides, it can be customized in any size, shape, design, material or color to make it a suitable frame for your entrance. It will go seamlessly with huge mansions or any modern home.

Baroque Style Marble Door Surround

This baroque style natural stone door surround is a luxury you can’t skim on. It will provide elegance with its intricately carved human sculptures and angels aside from the stunning foliage patterns. Hand carved from natural white marble blocks, this beautiful work of art is engraved with gorgeous engravings from top to bottom. The female figures carved on either side are similar to caryatid style and have gentleness about them. Two angels are flying on either side of the archway and the capital is adorned with wreaths and garlands. Its regal appearance will make you feel like you are entering a palace every time you are opening the front door. This door frame will make your entrance a piece of art. It can be customized in different shapes and sizes to accommodate any modifications you might have. Regardless, it is a must-have door frame to make you doorway enchanted with beauty

Beige marble is a close second to white marble when it comes to breathtaking natural stone materials. This attractive beige marble natural stone door surround is one such piece that your home will benefit with. It has stunningly carved sculptures on both pillars and flying angels on either side of the archway. The door frame has been engraved with subtle patterns and delicate carvings of flowers. Its matching stone base is broad and has two female sculptures poised on either side. The statues give rise to the archway. It is a striking door surround that will enhance the appearance of your home, while increasing the overall value of your entire property. You can have it made to order in any size, shape, design or color to match it with the existing style

Beige Marble Door Surround

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