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Bespoke marble doorway

Recent projects of custom marble doorway display

Marble doorway with four columns
Custom white marble door surround
Marble doorway with Goddess statue
Neo-classic Marble doorway
White marble doorsurround with Caryatid column
Vintage marble doorway
Marble doorways with angle bas-relief
Limestone doorway carving with fruits and Caryatid
Baroque design marble doorway

Antique style marble doorway

Marble doorway design and bespoke

Our hand-carved antique marble door surrounds are unique stone-carving repilca of ancient marble doorway design. Some are designed for entrance to the vault room of banks , some doorway are designed for Parliament. If you are planing to maintain or replace an stone door surround for an ancient castle, bank, Parliament, library building etc,New Home Stone is your helper! We have 20 years of experience of hand-carving ancient marble door surround and customize the size and material to your project.

Stone carving is our passion

We are a team of passinate sculptors and designers. We love our stone carving career deeply. We have help hunderds of designers and home owners, builders to complete their project with stone carving.

We customized stone fountains, marble fireplace, marble light pole and bench for garden, We have also customized marble door surround for ancient library and bank buildings. Email us about your project,We would assist you to complete it!