White marble doorsurround with Caryatid column

White marble doorway with Caryatid column

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Bespoke marble doorsurround

Designed entirely for royal properties; two gigantic Caryatid columns are placed on each side which further complement the design of this marble doorway. The columns have been crafted beautifully as it brings elegance and support to your precious, personalized building.

White marble doorway

This Marble doorway is a wonderful marvel of architecture that decorates every custom-made home. It has a large potential as it can turn any ordinary entrance into an outstanding appearance. Your guests will be greeted by two huge, rectangular columns which will serve both aesthetic and functional. You will fall in love with its enormous shafts with engraved human figures. To make this doorway more striking, a complex and stunning design is carved at the lower and upper ends of each column. The marble doorway is the top of our product line. Everything you would have wanted in an outdoor column comes with this kind of design.