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Marble fireplace mantel

bespoke natural stone fireplace mantel

black marble fireplace
Nero marquina marble fireplace surround
Rococo style white fireplace
Antique marble fireplace with floral detail
scrolled acanthus white marble fireplaces
Honed surface white marble fireplace
Black basalt stone fireplaces
Rococo curving jambs marble fireplace
Green and Black marble mixed fireplaces
Beige marble fireplace with floral carving legs
Floor to ceiling marble fireplace
White marble high ceiling fireplace
hand carved acanthus leaves marble fireplace
Tall black marble fireplaces
stone mantel with acanthus leaves carving jambs
Modern white marble fireplace
honed marble fireplace surrounds
Black Basalt natural stone fireplace
Grey hue fireplace mantel with Large lion sculpture
White marble lion statues fireplace mantel
White Jade fireplace mantel
natural stone fireplace surrounds
Large green marble fireplace with black marble
Black dragon marble fireplace surround
egyption beige marble fireplace
Antique marble fireplace overmantel
High Ceiling white marble chimneypiece
Bespoke antique fireplace overmantel
Where to buy custom stone fireplace mantel
Rococo craftsman fireplace mantel
Decorative antique marble fireplace
Enoclassical antique fireplace surround
White marble Rococo fireplace with lion head
Elegant Georgian fireplace marble surround

Marble fireplace mantel

A matched hand-carved marble fireplace mantelshelf will definately make your home decor elegant and boost your house value! All marble fireplaces from NewHomeStone are hand-carved from natural stone block such as marble, granite, travertine, and limestone etc. We specialize in carving the details on antique marble fireplace surround.

All marble fireplace mantel including tall fireplaces are bespoke! custom to your design and your wall size! We provide not only marble fireplace surround, but also matched marble hearth! If you are not sure about the firebox size, the decor style you want, write us an email and we could help! Subscribe us for more marble fireplaces on sale information weekly!

Marvelous Marble Fireplaces to Warm up Your Home This Winter

Bringing warmth into your home, in grand style

Modern marble fireplaces are one of the best ways to warm up your home in winters and a sure-fire method to dazzle up the living room or any other room for that matter with style. Marble is a material that is strong, durable and so gorgeous. The natural stone makes the fireplace all the more beautiful while elevating the design quotient of the space simultaneously.

Marble fireplaces have gained immense popularity over the past decades for their sheer beauty, grace, strength, agelessness, and luxurious appeal. There are tons of granite stone fireplaces, Black marble fireplace surrounds, modern marble fireplace walls, floor to ceiling fireplaces and so on to adorn your home. But choosing these stunning accents for your home can be overwhelming and tedious. To save you the trouble, here are a handful of modern marble fireplaces to incorporate into your household and keep the winter blues at bay in style.

Marble Fireplace Wall

A fireplace can liven up a space with a blink of an eye. With this marvelous white marble fireplace wall surround, your living room will gain a royal makeover. Intricately carved out of natural Beijing white marble blocks, this large ceiling high fireplace is truly a work of art with its sculptural quality. Notably the pair of lions sitting on both end of the fireplace mantel and two female figures carved on the pillar of this natural stone feature. You can install it in your living room, bedroom or even in the foyer. It could also be a great addition to your outdoor space, if you are blessed with any. The fireplace has delicate carving throughout it to create beautiful patterns.

White Marble Fireplace Surround

This absolutely breathtaking white marble fireplace surround can be installed with a newly built fireplace or seamlessly incorporated with an existing one. Made from Calacatta white marble, the design of this white marble fireplace is inspired by Rococo fireplace with slim legs. The natural stone fireplace surround has been meticulously carved with delicate patterns and a finial at the centre of the mantel. It has beautiful, bold dark gray veining to give it exquisite aesthetics that instantly make it the centre of attraction in a room. The fireplace not only warms your bones on cold days but makes your entire space much more welcoming

Granite Baroque Fireplace

This granite fireplace surround is infused with the magic of the Baroque art style. It has the potential to entirely transform your living space and give it a majestic aura with its simple yet regal design. This modern granite fireplace has been handcrafted from natural stone and has meticulously carved details to blend the beauty of stone craft and art. It is a white granite fireplace that will blend in your existing layout without needing to change anything. You can have this stunning piece customized in any shape, size or color to suit your budget and available space. Needless to say, this granite fireplace will elevate your layout’s style quotient within a minute.

Beige Marble Fireplace

The Egyptian beige marble is one of a kind with a certain allure and royal tinge about it. This modern marble fireplace has been intricately carved from Egyptian beige marble in the Rococo style. It is placed gracefully on a flat marble slab that serves as the base for lighting fires. It is a great fit for small hearths. Its symmetrical arches, geometric carving and floral patterns make it blend with any existing design layout. You can incorporate this beautiful fireplace in any modern home. It can also be customized in any size or shape or design to suit your needs.

Beige Travertine Fireplace

A modern marble fireplace mantel, this gorgeous beauty has been handcrafted from natural beige travertine stone. With an antique vibe about it, this modern fireplace will make a bold statement in any room it is installed. This is a ceiling high fireplace surround with two cute baby angel statues carved on the top, and two female figures on the bottom pillars. There are intricate patterns and carvings on the entire piece which make it more elegant. You can have this beauty made to order with any style, size, shape or design modifications you may have according to your available space and budget.

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