Custom made fireplace mantels

Bespoke hand-carved antique fireplace overmantel

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Bespoke antique hand carved fireplace mantels

This beige travertine antique fireplaces is definately a bold statement to your room. The double cornice shelf shows its elegant; The two cute cherub statues sitting on top shelf of the high ceiling fireplace mantel just blends seamlessly with its stately silhouette! The honed surface of this travertine antique fireplaces accentuating its raw beauty. What's makes its tone more warm is the two Caryatid standing on square plinth and supporting a floral details mantel shelf.

Details of marble tall fireplaces

  • Material:Beige travertine.
  • Travertine Bulk Density(kg/m3):2610
  • Travertine Water Absorption:0.28
  • Travertine Flexural Strength:12.5
  • Hand-crafted from solid travertine blocks
  • Travertine Surface:Honed&Sealed.
  • Mantel Overall height: 120" (305cm)
  • Mantel height: 55" (140cm)
  • Mantel width: 79" (200cm)
  • Overmantel height: 63" (160cm)
  • Fireplace opening width: 39-1/4" (100cm)
  • Fireplace opening height: 32-1/4" (82cm)
  • Fireplace Element: Cherub,Caryatid statues, scrolling carvings.
  • Other marbles and dimensions customization are available.