Arched Black Basalt natural stone fireplace

Bespoke marble fireplace surround

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marble fireplace

Gothic style Basalt stone fireplace surround

At first glance, this beautiful fireplace looks like a majestic gateway to fantasy land. This stunning black basalt natural stone fireplace will introduce a whimsical element to any space, with its sturdy and durable black basalt stone. It features symmetrical arches on both sides, offering you a piece that can be used as a functional unit as well as a decorative accent. The arched black stone fireplace has a beautiful arched fireplace mantel with heavy carving acanthus leaves on jambs, bringing in a piece of the great outdoors to your interiors. You can install it in a new house or redo your old fireplace space to add aesthetic beauty and a fresh interior design element. The Gothic style basalt stone fireplace surround offers a lavish mantel where you can display your pictures, artworks, antiques or holiday decorations in style. It is a perfect inclusion for a modern or contemporary home that can use a splash of freshness through d├ęcor.

Details of marble fireplaces

  • Material: Black basalt
  • Marble Bulk Density(kg/m3):2700
  • Marble Water Absorption:0.12
  • Marble Flexural Strength:18.8
  • Hand-crafted from solid marble blocks
  • Marble fireplace Surface:Polished & Sealed.
  • Mantel height: 55" (140cm)
  • Mantel width: 66" (168cm)
  • Mantel depth: 15-3/4" (40cm)
  • Fireplace opening width: 29" (74cm)
  • Fireplace opening height: 30" (76cm)
  • Other marbles and dimensions customization are available.
stone fireplace
marble fireplace surround