Black basalt stone fireplaces with curving legs

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Black Basalt Fireplace Surround

A perfect addition to a country home, this black basalt stone fireplace surround is a beautifully hand-carved feature. It features a white background with black leaflets and vines. The base and the top of the feature, along with inner pillars are made in black color. The gentle carvings and stylish curving legs bestow a graceful quality to your living room and become a value investment to your property. It will enhance your interior design with basalt-rich versatility and durability. It has been carved from natural stone blocks, offering your space distinct textures and shades. It looks like a majestic gate through which warmth and elegance enters your humble abode. You can have it customized in shape or size to better suit your design and space where you want to install this particular natural stone feature. It is a versatile design that can be a part of any modern, contemporary or mid-century home and elevate the interior design layout instantaneously.

Details of black basalt fireplaces

  • Material: Black basalt
  • Marble Bulk Density(kg/m3):2700
  • Marble Water Absorption:0.12
  • Marble Flexural Strength:18.8
  • Hand-crafted from solid marble blocks
  • Marble fireplace Surface:Polished & Sealed.
  • Mantel height: 55" (140cm)
  • Mantel width: 66" (168cm)
  • Mantel depth: 15-3/4" (40cm)
  • Fireplace opening width: 29" (74cm)
  • Fireplace opening height: 30" (76cm)
  • Other marbles and dimensions customization are available.
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marble fireplace surround