Angel tombstones designs

Help to design unique angel tombstone

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Angel tombstone designs

The Sculpted cross cremation memorial with the angel’s head bowed in grief symbolizes mourning, a sudden or unexpected grief. The angel’s wings are fully covering the pedestal from both sides. The precision with which the cross has been carved making it a one piece adds to the grace of this tombstone. The wreath has been broken at the top by the angel by pulling it out which makes it a beautiful way to express the impact the departed had on your life. The angel has buried her deep into the pedestal which shows the deep mourning of the angel due to the untimely death of a loved one. Marble tombstones especially angel tombstones designs have a special place as a cemetery monument.

Custom and design eternal cemetery monument

Sculpted with care and keeping in mind the reason for the installation of this angel tombstone the grief and sorrow symbolized with this cemetery monument looks eternal. Customizing the cross-cremation memorial according to size and stone material is possible.