Angel statuary memorials headstones

White marble angel statuary sitting on bench

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Marble angel gravestone

This Angel memorial headstone is a timeless piece of art. All the details on this Angel gravestone are intricately hand carved on a marble stone. The cemetery monument is depicting an Angel sitting on a tombstone with gloomy facial expressions, enunciating deep grief of a loss of a loved one. She is holding a wreath in her one hand to bestow love and gratitude to whom the gravestone belongs to. The other hand of the Angel is on her lap.

Statuary of angel sitting on a bench

The Angel sitting on the angel gravestone is wearing a delicate draping dress with so many crumples on it. Her dropping wings and regretful expressions are making the headstone look more grief and sorrowful. The bench on which the angel is sitting is supported by two columns ionic capitals. The stone which is used to create this angle gravestone is supreme-quality white marble, which is polished later using the best-quality burnish. Get in touch to customize it in the size you want it.