Angel heart headstone

White marble angel heart headstone

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Hand-carved angel tombstone

The Angel heart headstone is a hand-carved monument with an angel kneeling on a grave with her arms holding a heart. The beautiful tombstone comes with a pedestal at the bottom of the heart. There are lovely hand-carved flower roses placed below the heart to show love and affection to the person who’s no more with us in this world.

Custom angel tombstone

The angel tombstone’s exceptional hand-carved details make it a unique and beautiful tribute. The facial expressions of the Angel are peaceful and serene. Her wavy long hair, and draping clothes with creases all over it making it look divine. The wings of the angel are in a resting position, and engraved cuts and details on them are making them look so realistic.
This angel tombstone is made from one solid piece of marble and polished entirely to provide it glossy effect. You can contact us to customize this piece according to your requirement.