Cross gravestone

Unique marble/granite headstone

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Marble gravestone

Memorial cross ideas

While dealing with the loss and grief of a departed loved one can be extremely hard, you can place a memorial cross gravestone near their grave to symbolize the mercy of Jesus. If religious faith was an important part of your loved one’s life, then this cross monument may be a good option to be placed by their grave. Throughout the history of religion, a cross was erected over the grave by people who believe that a soul needs the mercy of Jesus to the decedent. It will help the departed soul reach the gates of heaven and will offer eternal protection. The faithful can install this granite cross headstone at a loved one’s grave to show their love and devotion.

Custom and design eternal cemetery monument

Carved from natural granite blocks, this headstone is standing on a small matching granite pedestal, which gives rise to a cross-like pole. The cross end of the gravestone has a circle behind the cross-section. Simple yet beautiful, mundane yet powerful, the design and the material of this headstone will evoke the feelings of peace, calm and a sense of belonging in the times of grief. It will become an integral part of the grave of a religious decadent, while adding an architectural quality to it. You can have it customized in any shape or size as well.

granite headstone
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