Angel monuments

marble headstone with angel statue holding big heart

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Angel resting atop a big heart monument

The exquisitely carved angel monument for graves looks heavenly stunning with an angel resting atop a heart. The whole marble headstone figure is positioned over a pedestal and has intricately carved details. The Angel is fully carved on all sides. Her wings are half-opened covering the heart from the back. The angel is holding the heart with her arms, and a rose in one of her hands. Her crimped long hair are waving over the heart and her outfit charmingly. Her outfit is a draping dress, has folds and creases. The Angel’s facial expression is peaceful. It looks as if she’s resting in a deep peaceful sleep.

Custom angel monuments

The marble quality of this angel monument for graves is excellent, and you have the option to choose different colors of marble or granite. Get in touch to modify its size and design. The choice of color and material would be yours.