Granite tombstone with angel sculpture

Granite angel statuary sitting and touching tombstone

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Granite angel gravestone

This beautiful hand-sculpted figure is a Granite angel sculpture with tombstone. It comes with a black granite grave bench. Since granite is more hard-wearing material than marble, you can expect this Granite angel gravestone to outlast for generations.

Custom granite tombstone

This is a stunning sculpted headstone of a sitting angel on a tombstone with flowers in her one hand. The other hand of the angel is on the grave, looks as if she’s reminiscing the good memories of a loved one. Her hair are wavy and short, and her long outfit with real-life fabric details making it inimitable. The angel is fully carved on all sides with vibrant open wings and quiet facial expressions. With this Granite angel gravestone, you can choose between granite or marble as a building material, or also you can have both the materials in the monument. Get in touch to customize its size and design.