Weeping angel headstone

Unique marble/granite headstone

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Marble gravestone

Angel tombstone

A cemetery angel weeping headstone signifies grief over an untimely death. Demise of someone you know is always a hard time to deal with; however, you can get an ageless marble tombstone in their memory. The weeping angel headstone represents the connection between heaven and earth, along with emotions of strength, peace, faith, protection and beauty. Becoming a timeless inclusion, this weeping angel gravestone can help families feel at ease after a loss knowing that their loved ones are forever protected by a heavenly feature.

Custom and design eternal cemetery monument

It features a white marble slab, with an adorned lectern erected on it, where a grieving angel is expressing her sorrow. The wings of the marble figure are sprawled to its sides. The hair of the angel are tied in a bun on the nape of its neck. Its head is placed on one arm that is positioned on the pedestal, while the other arm is dangling over the edge. The pedestal has meticulously crafted detailed carvings, one of which resembles a wreath. The white marble features subtle and delicate gray veins running all over the marble piece. You can have this piece made to order in any shape or size to show your eternal love and protection for the dearly departed.

granite headstone
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