Weeping Angel Gravestone

White marble weeping angel statuary cemetery monument

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Angel crying over tombstone cemetery monument

This stunning angel crying over tombstone cemetery monument is one of the most intricate angel tombstones. The cemetery monument is made inspired by the 1894’s famous “Angel of Grief” sculpture by American sculptor William Wetmore. He created this angel headstone for the grave of his wife Emelyn, who died in 1894 and was buried in Rome's 'Protestant' Cemetery. The angel crying over tombstone reflects the sentiments of grief, pain, and darkness. Her drooping wings, hidden face, and weeping posture show immense suffering over a funeral. It represents how William Wetmore was feeling while he was devasted by his wife’s death.

Customize the size of Angel of Grief statue

The cemetery monument is handcrafted using excellent quality white marble stone, and then received the shine of premium quality marble polish. You can customize the size, design, and stone material of angel headstones for graves according to the needs.