White marble Angel headstone

Customized white marble angel resting on headstone

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White marble cemetery monument with angel statuary

The Angel headstone is a white matble tombstone, gorgeously hand-carved using superior-quality polished marble.This is one of the most popular Angel tombstones and cemetery monuments with the best peaceful and serene facial expressions conveying deep love, fondness, and warmth of a Godparent or mother Angel.
Every detail of this Angel headstone is timeless and exceptional, thanks to the amazing carving style inspired by the accent Europian marble sculptures and architecture. The Angel is sitting on the tombstone with flower roses (in light orange color) in her hand. Her draped clothing or Angel wear with stunning folds and crumples looks so realistic. Her waving hair and vivid feathers are adding to the appearance of her Godlike appeal.

Customize size and color of angel monument

The tombstone with the Goddess Angel sitting on it also comes with a rose flower bouquet with white, yellow, and light yellow roses. The size of the cemetery monument can be customized according to your space needs.