Black Granite wall fountain

Modern black granite wall water features with travertine stone wall decoration

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Wall mounted black granite modern outdoor fountain

This charming black stone wall mounted contemporary fountain will definately add a modern touch to your backyard. The modern look of this granite fountain is its mounted travertine plate! Water flow from the spout of the travertine plate to the stylish square fountain pool. The soothing water sound combien with the geometric modern look just brings you pleasent! Things about buying a modern wall fountain is that you want to choose a real natural granite or marble fountain, which last hundreds of years and resist all kinds of weather. All modern stone wall fountain is perfect with LED light mounted inside the fountain pool at night! Stay with us and frequently check with Newhomestone customer service, you would find the modern wall fountain for sale from time to time!

Modern granite wall water fountain|outdoor granite fountain

  • Material:Black granite + Beige travertine
  • Granite Bulk Density(kg/m3):3050
  • Granite Water Absorption:0.08
  • Granite Flexural Strength:18.8
  • Hand-crafted from solid granite blocks
  • Granite fountain surface:Polished
  • Water flow hole: Carved out.
  • Water fountain pool surround:Simple design square shape
  • Water features:Water gently flow from the spout
  • Recommond Dimension:
  • Small:Width:59"(150cm);Height: 78"(198cm)
  • Medium:Width:78"(198cm);Height:86"(220cm)
  • Color customization:white,black,green,red,brown,beige,gray,etc.(Natural stone color)
  • Fountain Sutiable for:Indoor,Outdoor;Garden;Commercial;Front yard;Backyard,etc