Large outdoor stone fountains with Apollo's bath statue

Light beige limestone large outdoor stone wall fountains with Apollo's bath statue

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Large stone wall fountains with Apollo's bath replica statues

If you have a large parks or garden to decor, choose this gorgeous marble fountain with Apoolo's bath statues to adorn your park or garden! The orginal Apollo Baths are a truely gorgeous piece of work,it defining symbol of power and influence in Europe. While this Apollo's bath replica is modified by our designer and combind with a large outdoor wall fountain, all pieces are made from natural stone. This light beige limestone large outdoor stone fountain is customized for one of our French clients. The natural stone fountains features 9 independent lifesized marble statues on the edge of the rectangular wall fountain pool surround including Apollo himself. Furthermore, the delicated sculpted bas-relief on the wall of the large garden fountain features six maiden statues on each columns and two tier scalloped bowls catches water flow from lion head's month.

Natural stone fountains outdoor

  • Material: Light brown limestone
  • Limestone Bulk Density (kg/m3): 2670
  • Limestone Flexural Strength: 13.8
  • Hand-crafted from solid Limestone blocks
  • Limestone Surface: Honed & Sealed.
  • Water flow hole: Carved out.
  • Elements: bathing Apollo, female statues for a large swimming pool.
  • Water features: water flows from mouth of the lion head into the first bowl creating waterfall effect.
  • Water pool size: 49' (1500cm); 15' (457cm).
  • Wall fountain height: 19 ft; width: 21 ft.
  • Color customization: White, black, green, red, brown, beige, gray, etc.
  • Suitable for: indoor & outdoor; Garden, commercial, front yard, back yard, etc.