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Natural stone fountain
Marble fireplace mantel
Animal sculpture
Marble garden angel statue
Marble tired fountain
Greek wall fountain
Marble bust of David
Garden marble planter
Animal statue
Killing Medusa Bronze statue
Marble columns
Marble doorway
Marble lamp post
Marble benches
Weeping angel tombstone
Mermaid statue
marble balustrade
marble gazebo

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Stone Carving & design is our passion

We appreciate you reading this page. This indicates that we’re building something between you and us which will underpin the foundation and give us the confidence to work together. That is trust. We’ve been cherished and benefited from the unique and unparalleled trust in building our family business in the past decades. We would be grateful if we could build trust with you.

We are a family business in manufacturing of marble sculptures and bronze sculptures. Main products: marble bathtubs, fireplace mantels, marble fountains, statues, balustrades, columns, gazebos, benches, lampposts, sinks, pedestals, etc. All kinds of stone carving products are available to be customized according to your design. There are various choices in natural stone materials, including marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, travertine, and precious stone like onyx, rose quartz, etc.

Our Factory

Custom natural stone factory

Our factory established in 1999 and started to work with builders and contractors from North America and European countries since 2004. For years experience, we have built long-term cooperation relationships with many builders, designers, contractors and architects. The brilliant ideas, designs, and hard work encouraged us to develop new techniques and try new things. With our efforts, we have done many marvellous projects. We’re so proud to work with all of these amazing professionals.

We’re aiming to provide high quality art-works and we always go the extra mile to ensure the best interest of our customers. We appreciate you taking initiative to reach out to us and we will ensure you having a wonderful purchasing experience.

Latest Blog

Recent blogs about art & design

Stone Lantern in Garden

Japanese Lanterns: Discover the Timeless Beauty

Explore the captivating world of Japanese lanterns, Delve into the rich history and intricate craftsmanship of Japanese lanterns, Uncover the elegance and serenity they bring to outdoor spaces with their timeless beauty.

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Fountain with ball

Fountain with Ball: A Stunning Decorative Piece for Your Garden

Transform Your Space With A Mesmerizing Fountain Featuring A Ball - Enhance Tranquility And Elegance Effortlessly

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Statue of Shiva

Exploring the Divine: Shiva Statue

Uncover the spiritual meaning behind Shiva statues, their sizes, and the materials used. Explore the transformative power of Shiva, the destroyer and transformer.

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Fountain in Garden

How to Install a Marble Fountain: Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to install a marble fountain in your garden oasis with this comprehensive step-by-step guide. Enhance the beauty of your outdoor space with the elegance of a marble fountain...

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Marble Fireplace in Home

Types of Marble Fireplaces and How to Choose a Type to Decorate Your Living Room

Wondering how to choose the perfect marble fireplace for your living room? Read on to find out more about how many types of marble fireplaces there are and how to choose the right one for your living room

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Water fountain

25 Best Wall Fountain Ideas

Wall fountains bring a touch of elegance and tranquility to any space. With their soothing water flow and captivating designs, they create a serene ambiance that can transform a dull corner into a stunning focal point.

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Large garden Fountain

10 World-Famous Large Garden Fountains

Discover the 10 world-famous large garden fountains that will transform your outdoor space into a tranquil oasis. Learn more about these captivating water features and find the perfect fountain for your garden.

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wall fountain

Zen Marble Fountains

Marble water fountains are almost always decorative. Unless the fountain is specifically for drinking, there’s not likely to be much practical use for them…

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wall fountain

10 Best Statue Ideas To Make Your Garden An Outdoor Haven

Regardless of your style or budget, there is an abundance of meticulous sculptures that are perfect for an outdoor space. Garden statuary can lend your space a sense of grandeur, which will become a coveted style in your neighborhood...

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wall fountain

Unique Marble Accents to Decorate Your Entire Home With Ageless Aesthetics

There are so many elegant ways to include marble décor into your home with style and panache. They add organic and earthy texture with a certain sophistication that only marble can offer. Uncomplicated, refined, and an all time favorite stone material, marble...

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Door Statue

Gorgeous Front Door Welcome Statues You Need to Install to Beautify the Entrance

The front door of your home is like a window to the entire interior. What you put outside your entrance, or how you present it...

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White winged-lion in white background

What Does a Winged Lion Symbolize?

The lion is called the king of the jungle and is a fascinating creature of the animal kingdom. Aside from the natural world, it also holds a special place in mythology as a winged lion. The winged lion mythology is prevalent in numerous cultures, notably in Mesopotamian, Persian, and Egyptian mythology....

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2023 Best Outdoor Fountain Design

If you had to choose a single sculpture to adorn a beautiful outdoor landscape, many people would undoubtedly choose a fountain. They are essential and fundamental standbys in exterior design, and maybe even more importantly, there are almost endless different varieties and designs of fountains for any conceivable need...

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Outdoor Stone bath sculpture

2023 Modern garden design trends: modern stone fountain and marble statue

Let’s say you’ve got your interior design plan figured out to a “T”. Every square inch of your home has been accounted for, and every piece of furniture and appliance has been considered for color, style, size, and material. Is there anything else left to furnish?...

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Stone Lions

Best Marble Lion Statues

When you think of a statue, what kinds of sculptures come to mind? Many might imagine the classical Greco-Roman marble statues of heroes and legends: great figures of human beings, powerful beasts, and memorable creatures of all kinds.

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Outdoor Stone bath sculpture

Best Stone Bird Baths and Basins design for your backyard and front yard

An opulent and multi-tiered stone fountain may be an epic and majestic sight to behold, but for something more personal and more on your level, Humble stone dishes are the perfect way to anchor the living world to your backyard

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Bronze image

How to install outdoor bronze sculpture to your garden

There’s something about metal which seems timeless as a material for sculpture. Stones such as marble make for some of the most beautiful works of visual art that we as a species have ever produced, but bronze boasts an entirely different feeling...

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Bronze fish Sculpture

How to maintain and Clean bronze sculpture

Maintenance of bronze sculptures has a lot in common with restoration, but the two processes are not identical.

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How to find out what is high quality bronze sculpture and how to fix and maintain a bronze statue?

Metal is typically considered the strongest and most durable kind of material that you can make sculptures out of. Today, we continue to use bronze due to its versatility, strength, and visual beauty, and modern bronze sculptures are at home in the garden as much as they are indoors. However, bronze comes with its own list of challenges...

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