Rustic European style outdoor stone wall fountain

Rustic classic design outdoor wall water featuer with tiered fountain element create waterfall sound

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Outdoor stone wall fountain

A classcial French design natural stone wall water featuer! Water flow from convex medallion spout to two tiered scalloped basin on the wall! The beautiful waterfall would be your garden focoal point and bring a natural casacade sound! Bottom of this marble wall fountain sit in a rectangular fountain pool. This travertine wall fountain has a natural vintage look but actually it's a new customization water featuer only for you! All water flow hole of this wall fountain is carved out by our sculptors.

Travertine stone wall fountain

  • Material:Beige Travertine
  • Marble Bulk Density(kg/m3):2610
  • Marble Water Absorption:0.28
  • Marble Flexural Strength:12.5
  • Hand-crafted from solid travertine blocks
  • Travertine fountain surface:Polished & Sealed.
  • Water flow hole: Carved out.
  • Water fountain pool surround:Rectangular shape with wavy curve caring
  • Water features:Spilling out from top bowl to the second bowl to pool.
  • Fountain Installation: Wall mounted.
  • Recommond Dimension:
  • Small Pool width:59"(150cm);Height:78"(198cm)
  • Medium Pool diameter:78"(198cm);Height:118"(300cm)
  • Large Pool diameter:118"(300cm);Height:160"(406cm)
  • Color customization:white,black,green,red,brown,beige,gray,etc.(Natural stone color)
  • Fountain Sutiable for:Indoor,Outdoor;Garden;Commercial;Front yard;Backyard,etc