Marble pavillion with metal top

Outdoor garden marble gazebo with metal top

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Metal top stone gazebo

Two different kinds of physical and visual textures are combined in this metal top stone gazebo: white marble stone, and the polished metal of the dome, colored pale to match the marble. White marble benches circle the marble pavilion, with the benches set atop several stone balusters. In between these benches are six immaculately rendered caryatid columns, carved as statues of ancient goddess muses which hold up the top of the structure, the dome roof.

Garden gazebo with stone bench and metal top

This metal dome is etched with a bas relief of an elegantly minimalist floral swag pattern, all set upon the marble pavilion’s upper ridge, which is engraved with a classic, instantly recognizable anthemion leaf relief carving. All stone garden gazebo are customized from size to style.