Marble caryatid column

Meticulously hand-carved White marble Caryatid columns

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Garden Caryatid column

The white marble Caryatid columns are meticulously hand-carved with more attention to detail. Featuring striking pure white marble, each Caryatid column is perfect for both interior and exterior applications. These part architectural elements and part figurative female structures are supposed to carry the weight of buildings for decades.

Marrying art and architecture, these figures are portraying two beautiful maidens holding vessels over their heads. Plus, the elegant drapes of clothing and intricate hairstyle make these structures even more graceful. Each marble column is likely to add an extravagant touch to any architectural scheme.

Specification of Caryatid column

Since these sculptural columns are carved from pure marble, each one is highly durable and weather-resistant. Hence, these are likely to stay outdoors for hundreds of years without showing any signs of cracking or scratching.

  • Material: White marble
  • Marble statue pillars height: 300cm
  • Marble figure pillars width: 60cm
  • Semi-circle pillar depth: 30cm