Hexagon marble gazebo

Hexagon design white marble gazebo for garden

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Hexagon stone pavillion

This perfectly carved hexagonal gazebo is made from pure natural white marble stone, inset with a stunning geometric design in refreshing contrast with the usual circular shape of similar structures. The white marble gazebo’s columns are set at every angle of the polygon structure, and are graced with fluted carvings set between Corinthian style carved plinths, all from whole white marble stone.

Gazebo handcarved with white marble

The fluted columns which circle the marble pavilion have their carved plinths flanked and connected by polished surface benches, set low to provide vertical balance with the upper structure atop the columns. The polished bench boasts an elegant balustrade between each fluted column, inset between the engraved plinths. In addition, an optional iron dome roof can be added to the hexagon gazebo for anyone who prefers their marble gazebo to be enclosed.