Modern stone bench for garden, modern design garden stone bench

Custom Natural stone garden bench

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Modern Black Marble Garden Bench

Black marble garden bench, polished black stone bench

This black marble garden bench in a sleek dark hue is an awe-inspiring choice to add modern glamour to a property. The distinctive rectangular bench with smooth edges is entirely hand-carved from a single black marble block and then polished in dark smooth black to add to the glamour of luxury contemporary properties. The modern stone bench for gardens comes without the backrest. However, it features a design accent at its one side that can be used as a backrest, adding charm, class, and distinctive appeal to the unique modern seat. Its size and shape can be customized to fit your garden or interior space impeccably.

The manufacturer can also make it in different colors to suit your interior or outdoor decor theme. This lovely smooth black marble bench will surely add to the value of your property. Just make sure to decorate with some beautiful plants around it, consider placing stone planters to achieve maximum visual aspect. If we talk about the quality of the product, we only use the best quality natural stone to craft our products that can withstand tough weather conditions. You can expect the product to beautify your property for generations without losing its shine and color.

Suggested size of marble bench

  • Height of marble bench: 52.37 in. (133 cm)
  • Width of marble bench: 79.53 in. (202 cm)
  • Depth of marble bench: 35.44 in. (90 cm)
  • Size could be customized
Modern Black Marble Garden Bench
Modern Black Marble Garden Bench