Natural stone garden seat Carrara

Natural stone benches for garden carved by Carrara white marble

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Carrara garden bench

This beautiful silver-gray natural stone bench for the garden is painstakingly hand-carved from Italian Carrara marble. Two wonderfully realized musicians sit on either side of the stone garden seat, acting somewhat like armrests. The smooth backrest between the stunning characters is unadorned with any irregularities or carvings, and provides a wide space to showcase the natural beauty and swirling color patterns of the Carrara marble stone material. Below the backrest, the bench will sit three people if built to standard, suggested dimensions (in this case, approximately 130 x 200 cm with a depth of slightly less than a meter), but of course, this natural stone garden bench can be customized and built to order.

Suggested size of marble bench

  • Height of marble bench: 52.37 in. (133 cm)
  • Width of marble bench: 79.53 in. (202 cm)
  • Depth of marble bench: 35.44 in. (90 cm)
  • Size could be customized