Natural stone plant pots with lion head

Natural stone plant pots with hand-carved lion head element

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Stone plant urn

A natural stone plant pot that has a smaller urn and larger pedestal than other, more decorative planter designs may be ideal for both the exhibition of the sculpture and the actual housing of a houseplant! The plant pot is made of pure hand carved white marble, giving the piece a cool, clean look that is also visibly durable and obviously natural. A fierce, majestic lion’s face is front and center on the marble pot. He is surrounded by a high relief of leafy grasses, as if the predator is emerging from his den to show his ownership of the land. As the final touch, a detailed gadrooned edge motif, similar to the egg-and-dart pattern, is carved around the white marble stone pot’s rim.

Suggested size for stone plant pot

  • Material:White marble
  • Height of plant pot: 39.5 in. (100.33 cm)
  • Width of plant pot: 29 in. (73.66 cm)
  • Depth of plant pot: 29 in. (73.66 cm)
  • Size could be customized