Marble bench

Custom Natural stone garden bench

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Stone sculpted garden bench

A beautifully sculpted beige marble bench. This work of art is adorned with a variety of reliefs and motifs, placed among its structure like carefully set jigsaw puzzle pieces: despite the abundance of different elements, everything feels in its right place and nothing is crowded. A bas relief carving of acanthus leaves adorns the marble bench’s backrest, and the armrests also stand out as fully sculpted stone sphinxes.

Above, there are delicate sea shell carvings in a scallop pattern, exceptionally wrought like a crown for the design. The garden bench is made of Egyptian beige marble, and at its standard size, it seats three: its suggested dimensions are approximately 130 x 200 cm, but like all Marblebee products, it can be fully customized and reshaped to order!

Suggested size of marble bench

  • Height of marble bench: 52.37 in. (133 cm)
  • Width of marble bench: 79.53 in. (202 cm)
  • Depth of marble bench: 35.44 in. (90 cm)
  • Size could be customized