White marble benchtop with stone balustrades

Large corner garden stone bench with balsutrade back

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White marble benchtop

This meticulous display of hand-carved artistry is just about as beautiful as the medium of sculpture can get. The white marble bench features a unique curved design, wrapping back in on itself to resemble an incomplete polygon, with comfy corners ideal for snug fitting or exhibited display. The elegant stone balustrades on top of the white marble benchtop, with their gracefully oscillating shape and ridges, form the backrest of the bench. In the center of the backrest is an elegant floral relief, perfectly symmetrical to match the symmetry of the curved bench. The inward curves of the white marble benchtop highlight the aesthetic pleasure of this symmetry, making it more complex with a rich, satisfying concave shape.

Suggested size of marble bench

  • Height of marble bench: 54.34 in. (138 cm)
  • Width of marble bench:82.68 in. (210 cm)
  • Depth of marble bench: 27.56 in. (70 cm)
  • Seat Height:20.08 in.(51cm)
  • Bench Size could be customized