Egyptian Beige Marble Spiral Fountain

Natural stone garden marble fountain factory customized

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Egyptian Beige Marble Spiral Fountain

Carved from the gorgeous Egyptian beige marble, this spiral column stone fountain is one of a kind and brings in a distinct element of elegance and beauty. The tiered water feature is simple yet stunning and bears resemblance to the fountains of ancient Roman or Greek civilizations. The 3-layer tall marble fountain with spiral columns will introduce a regal vibe to your garden layout and become a valuable investment in your property. This large garden fountain with pool surround will be a wonderful addition to any modern or contemporary large garden, where it will be the center of attraction and talk of the town. It has been meticulously carved from natural stone, providing a unique texture and grace to the feature that can elevate any design layout instantly. If you have a small or medium-sized garden, you can have it customized in any shape or size to better suit your requirements.

large garden fountain with pool surround

  • Material:Egyptian beige marble
  • Bulk Density(kg/m3):2670
  • Water Absorption:0.17
  • Flexural Strength:17.8
  • Hand-crafted from solid stone blocks
  • Water pipe hole:Carved out
  • Pool surround:Customized
  • Surface of stone: Polished/matte
  • Statuary: Customized
  • Recommond Dimension:
  • Small: Pool diameter: 78" (198cm); Height: 78" (198cm)
  • Medium: Pool diameter: 118"(300cm); Height: 118"(300cm)
  • Large: Pool diameter: 200" (508cm); Height: 160"(406cm)
  • Color customization: White, black, green, red, brown, beige, gray,all natural stone etc.
  • Suitable for: outdoor. Garden, commercial, front yard, back yard, etc.