Marble carved spiral column

Marble carved spiral column with full or half round spiral body and Corinthian capitoal

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Marble spiral pilaster with full column

This Corinthian column is a special piece of art that will turn your ordinary house into a castle, with a traditional style that was popular in accent times. The artwork on this marble column is purely inspired by the timeless properties of Egyptian, Greek, and Roman civilizations. This full round white column balances its weight on an acanthus vase-like base. It boasts a colored spiral rope tapered midsection and further crowned with a Corinthian-styled capital. The decorated Corinthian column is easily be recognized by the elaborately ornate capitals, featuring leaves, flowers, and scrolls. Its shaft portion is narrowly built and fluted. Installing them is a simple way of adding style and elegance to any modern and traditional home. Made from pure marble, this column is also available in different sizes on custom requests.

Specification of Corinthian column

  • Overall height of the marble column: 400cm
  • Marble pillar diameter: 50cm
  • Marble capital size: 95 * 95cm
  • Marble column base size: 60 * 60 * 70cm
  • Material:White marble
  • Custom size and style
  • Custom full column or half round column