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How to run outdoor fountains in winters without damaging them

An outdoor fountain adds a classic touch to a garden, yard, or patio area.

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An outdoor fountain adds a classic touch to a garden, yard, or patio area. But during the late summer weeks and the days begin to get shorter, you need to begin thinking of winterizing an outdoor fountain for colder months. But if you want to keep them running in winter without any damage, you need to maintain to keep the outdoor water feature well protected.

Can you leave water in a fountain during the winter?

No! When the temperatures begin to drop down to the freezing point, the water in a fountain starts to freeze. It can even crack up the outdoor fountains. Even if water is running, the water droplets can fall off from the stream and get into small cracks on the fountain walls. When this water freezes and begins to melt, the expansion and contraction processes occur. Due to these processes, the walls of a fountain will become weak and crack over time. Even the existing small cracks start growing and the new ones start forming. Water can even freeze up the fountain pump and break it eventually.

How to keep an outdoor fountain running in winter without any damage?

According to experts, outdoor fountains need winterizing procedures to protect them from damage. If you still want to run a fountain, you can consider the antifreeze technique for it. However, some professionals consider this process harmful to the water feature. It is because the de-icing products may damage the outdoor fountain and are also toxic to birds, animals, and humans.

So, running a fountain is not suggested in the freezing months. For further protection, it is best to unplug the fountain pump and remove it from its place. After that dry out the fountain using towels and keep it covered to prevent water from freezing in it.

How to clean fountains and pumps?

For cleaning the pump, wipe its inner and outer areas with a neat cloth dampened in water and some dish soap. For algae stains and buildup, add 1 cup of warm water with around 1 cup of distilled vinegar.

Soak the pump in this mixture for up to an hour or more. After that, clean its exterior with a cloth, a sponge, and an old toothbrush. You even need to clean its tube and rinse all parts in clear water. After that, leave it for air drying before storing it for winter. You must store it indoors as it must be protected from water droplets in freezing temperatures. Even accidental freezing needs to be avoided as it may cause damage to the pump.

How much does it cost to install a marble fountain?

The cost of installing a marble fountain may vary as per the rarity of the marble piece, labour cost, contractor charges, size of the fountain, etc. If you need any specific changes or a custom marble fountain, it may be a little more pricey. Its price depends on the detailing and intricacy of the design.

It is best to consult a professional contractor or marble fountain manufacturer for an estimated cost of marble fountain installation. Only the professionals can acquaint you with the material cost and other associated installation costs in your region.

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