Modern Fountain:maze surface water fountain

Modern fountain|Customzied white marble table water fountain

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Modern zen style white marble fountain

An absolutely mind-blowing design, this stone maze surface table water feature is an amazing addition to any design lover’s home. It can blend right in any space without disrupting the current interior and enhance the layout. This stone table water feature has an intricately designed maze surface water fountain, which at first glance looks like a tiered sliding drawer-like structure. Its round and linear patterns make it a brilliant geometrical feature suitable for any contemporary or modern home. The fountain area has a small, round amphitheatre-like structure, while the linear patterns form a water channel, offering the water to flow through its multiple layers.

Custom designed stone water feature

The marble water feature with channel has a puzzle-like design with its three-tiered levels and flowing water channels on each one of them. It also evokes an aerial image of ancient civilization ruins such as those of Peru’s Machu Picchu. The white marble table water fountain has been meticulously carved from natural stone with gentle veining running across the beautiful marble fountain with water channel that will make your outdoor tiered fountain look like a child’s play. This custom design stone water fountain is an elegant feature to be included in any space in your home, be it your garden, patio, living room or even the bedroom.

Marble Small Modern Fountain