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How to enhance the grace of your 3 tier fountain?

A 3 tier fountain is a great feature of your garden, home, or outdoor space...

marble fountain

A 3 tier stone fountain is a great feature of your garden, home, or outdoor space. This distinctive feature on your property can dramatically transform the look of your home exterior. It is truly magical how this one feature can upgrade the overall appearance of a property.

But what if your three-tiered water fountain has started to appear dull? If so, you need to look for certain measures to enhance its visual appeal.

How to enhance the grace of three tired fountains?

Adding lighting fixtures can enhance the aesthetics of your 3 tier fountain. When switched on in the evening, the lights on a fountain look absolutely marvelous.

Besides that, you can even consider adding some other accessories to your water feature. For instance, an old necklace made of colored beads or hanging plants makes a wonderful fountain accessory.

However, you want to spruce up your three-tiered fountain is up to you. But it should be decorated in a way that marble fountain reflects your passions. This way, your fountain will be more than just an element of beauty, relaxation, and tranquility. It will be more like an oasis.

How to keep your 3 tiered fountains fresh and clean?

marble fountain

A three-tiered fountain is easy to install but difficult to maintain. They need a bit of care every now or then. If your stone fountain begins to look dirty, your feeling of awe will soon turn into “ewww”. So, you need to do your bit to ensure that it remains free of bacteria, algae, and ugly white scales.

The hope comes in form of a liquid that’s made specifically to remove stubborn or pesky issues associated with a fountain. You don’t need hardcore cleaning supplies for preventing white scales on fountains. All you need to do is change the water now and then. It will ensure that the water running in your fountain is clean.

Just consider it like cleaning a mini pool. If you do not clean water in a swimming pool, it would become scummy to swim. The same is the case with a water fountain.

How to clean algae from your fountain?

If you are not careful, your elegant 3 tier fountain can turn into a shabby-looking green mess. To ensure a fountain always looks beautiful, you have to clean algae from it. The garden fountains are most likely to collect algae due to where they sit in the sun.

You don’t have to use abrasives or harsh chemicals to remove algae. You just need to unplug your fountain pump and drain water. After that, clean the entire fountain with a cleaning rag. Also, give special attention to areas where there are algae.

Using the mentioned accessorizing and cleaning tips, you can easily deck up and keep your fountain in good condition. These are some of the easiest ways to enhance your fountain. It also ensures your fountain remains to look great for many years. For more information and queries, it is best to consult our fountain experts. The experts will be able to guide you better to improve the overall aesthetics of a water feature.

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