White Horse Stone Fountain 3 layer white marble

Natural stone garden marble fountain factory customized

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White Horse Stone Fountain

most of us love sculptural fountains as they incorporate a classic and royal touch to the space. If you are someone who enjoys such fountains, this white horse stone fountain is perfect for you and your space. It has been carved from white marble with gray veining and features so many sculptural elements that it is hard to pick one. However, the most prominent of these features in the 3 layer marble fountain with horse statues are the horses. The beautiful round surround pool features horses galloping outwards from the central pillar, where lion heads have been skillfully carved. The second tier has baby/angel figures along with lion heads. The detailed carving introduced a subtle yet powerful image that also sends a message of living in harmony with nature and other living beings. This garden horse fountain is perfect for any large or medium garden of any modern or contemporary home. It can also be made in any shape or size to accommodate any design or size requirements you may have according to your layout or available space.

Horses statues marble fountain

  • Material:White marble with gray veining
  • Bulk Density(kg/m3):2670
  • Water Absorption:0.17
  • Flexural Strength:17.8
  • Hand-crafted from solid stone blocks
  • Water pipe hole:Carved out
  • Pool surround:Customized
  • Surface of stone: Polished/matte
  • Statuary: Customized
  • Recommond Dimension:
  • Small: Pool diameter: 78" (198cm); Height: 78" (198cm)
  • Medium: Pool diameter: 118"(300cm); Height: 118"(300cm)
  • Large: Pool diameter: 200" (508cm); Height: 160"(406cm)
  • Color customization: White, black, green, red, brown, beige, gray,all natural stone etc.
  • Suitable for: outdoor. Garden, commercial, front yard, back yard, etc.