Limestone balustrade

Contemporary color and material limestone balustrade

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Quality of limestone balustrade

Beautify your home today with a natural limestone balustrade options for your home include concrete railings for your patio, poolside, backyard, stairs and much more. Because limestone is one of the softer stones, making it easier to work with, it has been the preferred material for turning stone balusters. Even though limestone is softer than other types of natural stones like marble, granite, Limestone is still natural stone, with better quality and durability than faux stone, cast stone or concrete.

Contemporary material: limestone banister

These Limestone balusters are beautiful and durable with very low maintenance cost. This elegant limestone balustrade comes with nicely hand-carved patterns on baluster throughout. The superior design is decorated well throughout to enhance the outdoor beauty of your estate. The limestone balustrade will definitely leave lasting impression on everyone. This one piece is amazing to install as stairs’ fencing.